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Allianz Legal Services 


Our Commercial Legal Expenses cover provides access to Allianz Legal Services and the following benefits at no extra cost.

Allianz Legal Online

All businesses from sole traders to larger entities are exposed to legal risks; from contractual, property or employee issues, to HMRC investigations, data breaches or criminal prosecution defence.

Obtaining legal advice and putting the right legal document in place before a problem arises will help reduce disruption and the costs to a business. 

Over 100 legal and business policy templates

Customers can quickly and simply create tailored legal documentation, including employment contracts, trading contracts including online sales terms and conditions, tenancy agreements as well as health and safety policies.

Legal document review service

All documents created via Allianz Legal Online can be reviewed and approved by a regulated legal team and returned to the customer within three working days.

Document storage facility

Customers can safely store their legal documentation in our cloud storage facility.

Monthly bulletin

Legal updates outlining legislation and regulatory changes and how they might impact your customer’s business.

Online law guide

Written by lawyers to help your customers understand legal processes and requirements.

Business legal health check

Our online questionnaire identifies potential risks and gaps within your customer’s legal documentation based on their specific business activities.

Allianz Legal Services can save your customers money

Paying solicitors to prepare legal documentation could leave customers out of pocket. These are the typical documents a business would need, and the costs charged by a solicitor to draft them. Using Allianz Legal Services your customers can create these themselves at no extra cost.

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Example Legal Document Average solicitor fee
Settlement agreement £715
Directors service agreement £610
Consultancy agreement £565
Employee handbook £985
Employment agreement £490
Employment statement £230
Non-disclosure agreement £250
Partnership agreement £580
Assured shorthold tenancy agreement £198
Total £5,303
(Research conducted between April 2018 and December 2019, and reconfirmed in 2022 by Epoq Legal Ltd. Cost savings calculated by mystery shopping law firms in eight major UK regions, for comparable documents to those offered on the Allianz Legal Online (powered by Epoq) website. Costs shown exclude VAT. Figures have been rounded to the nearest £5.)

Legal & Tax Helplines

Lawphone provides customers with unlimited 24/7 access to legal advice, on any business-related matter including:

  • employment law
  • debt recovery
  • contract and property disputes
  • advice on intellectual property.
Customers will be left confident of their legal obligations and rights, helping them to avoid costly legal disputes.
A specialist tax helpline for any business-related tax matter.

Allianz Legal Services in action

Sarah is an office assistant who’s responsible for the storage of all the contracts in the office (employment, client, contractors, etc.). She wants to digitalise their storage locations and, while doing so, conduct an audit to ensure all the contracts are fit for purpose.

Allianz Legal Services can help Sarah complete a contracts audit as she could:

  • access Allianz Legal Online and conduct a legal health check to ensure her company has the correct legal documents and processes in place - if she’s doing an audit, she might as well see what else needs to be done at the same time.
  • upload and store a digital copy of the business’s contracts in Allianz Legal Online’s secure cloud storage facility.
  • confirm her contracts and documents are drawn up correctly by comparing them to our best practice templates.
  • call Lawphone and run through her contract needs.
  • create additional new contracts and then use the free Allianz Legal Online contract review service to ensure they are legally compliant.

Sam runs a residential construction firm. He’s recently completed a project for which he was to be paid in three instalments. Shortly before the third payment was due, the client asked Sam’s builders to leave the property on the grounds that they’d stained the patio with paint and left rubbish on the premises.

The client is now refusing to pay the final instalment.

Sam needs the money to fulfil outstanding invoices from the build and he’s decided to make a claim against his Allianz Legal Expenses policy.

Allianz Legal Services can help Sam with the debt recovery process as he could:

  • access Allianz Legal Online and use our law guide to update his knowledge on the correct debt recovery process.
  • use our debt recovery document templates to ensure that he's acted in accordance with the law.
  • call Lawphone to discuss the matter and, if it's thought Sam has a strong case, make a claim.
  • carry out a business legal health check if he needs to change his contracts for the future.

John owns a number of residential properties. One of his tenants has stopped paying the rent and he requires repossession of the property along with rental recovery.

Landlords must follow a statutory process to evict tenants or face fines of up to £5,000 or a prison sentence for unlawful eviction.

Through Allianz Legal Services, John can:

  • Access all the appropriate documents needed to serve the correct notice to resolve the issue.
  • Contact Lawphone to receive legal advice to support them on their legal rights, including the possibility of bringing a legal claim (where costs could be covered under the legal expenses section of cover).
  • Undertake a legal healthcheck to ensure existing tenancy agreements are adequate.
  • Use Allianz Legal Online to create shorthold tenancy agreements and the letters templates requesting references.

Lawphone for brokers

We provide selected Allianz Commercial independent brokers with free annual access to our legal advice line.

Available 24/7/365 to support our broker’s business, Allianz Legal Protection can provide legal advice on business related matters, including:
  • employment matters
  • debt recovery
  • contract disputes
  • property disputes
  • advice on intellectual property
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This benefit is exclusively available to invited to brokers. If you’re a selected broker, please refer to the terms and conditions and have the policy number provided ready before calling.
Obtaining legal advice on behalf of customers is explicitly excluded.

The below is intended only as a guide. Please refer to the policy wording for full details.