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Let us know if you need help. We offer lots of additional support including for those experiencing financial difficulties. 
  • We encourage our customers to let us know if there’s anything we can do to support them to communicate with us, to understand our products and/or services and keep in place appropriate insurance protection. 
  • We have well-established processes to help support our customers with additional needs. 
  • We provide additional support throughout the insurance lifecycle to those who need it.
  • We strive to recognise all the different needs of our customers, including those experiencing financial difficulties. 
  • We are empowered with the right tools to handle a large variety of vulnerable circumstances. 
  • We continuously seek to improve the service we provide to our customers whatever circumstances they are experiencing. 
  • We offer the option to request a nominated person to interact with us on your behalf.
Businesses can request additional support at any stage.  If you have a quote for a policy or an existing policy with us please contact your broker and discuss any additional support you need.
We have training to help us recognise and provide extra support to our customers who need it. 
Our communications are available in different formats, such as large text and braille
Our business insurance covers can only be bought through a broker.
Visit the BIBA website to find a broker who's professionally trained to give advice and find the right solution for your needs.


Use a Premierline advisor or their online service to compare, select and buy a policy that suits your business requirements.

Brokers are professionally trained to give advice and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They'll compare product features and prices that you may not be able to access directly and give you clear information and choice on cover, as well as support on risk management and claims.

Risk Management

Designed to help you manage the risks to your business, keep your employees and customers safe, and comply with relevant legislation.

Engineering Services

Services focused on resolving complicated engineering risks, inspection services and expertise on health and safety.
Legal expenses
 A range of specialist legal expenses insurance through appointed solicitors, business partners.