We know for musicians this is a nightmare scenario. Aside from the emotional wrench, the cost of replacing gear could derail your tour and impact your band just when you’re about to explode. It’s important to make sure you’re covered so you’re not caught out and stuck with an expensive bill.

 No matter how careful you are with your instrument and equipment, accidents are unavoidable – and nobody can help being the target of theft. 

Insurance is an essential safety net, so don’t leave anything to chance.

If you do need to make a claim it’s best to tell us about your claim as soon as you can after the damage or loss happens. 

You can simply give us a call on 0344 391 4051 or fill in our claims form and our fantastic team will get your claim started.

Once your claim has started we’ll need to take down the details of what’s happened. It might be helpful to create an info sheet with pictures, instrument details, contact details etc.

  • We’ll ask for proof of purchase/ownership or evidence of value of your instrument/equipment.

  • If your instrument/equipment is stolen then we would ask for a Crime Reference Number so make sure to report it to the police as soon as possible.
  • Report the theft to the organisation or company that you may have been around at the time (for example, if your instrument is stolen from a rehearsal room where your band or orchestra regularly practice, then mention it to all the other members as well as the venue you’re using. We’ve had cases where someone has taken an instrument or accessory by mistake or it’s been moved without knowing – someone may be able to help you locate it).
  • Hand out information to local music and pawn shops (in case someone tries to sell it on).
  • You could even attach information to posts at the local train station and bus stops.
  • Use the power of the web - put a post up telling your story across all your social networks to get the widest coverage possible.
  • Create a free missing instrument listing on our Missing Instruments Finder website.
  • Keep an eye on websites where your instrument might be put up to be resold (eBay and Gumtree are a good start).

If you’re making a claim because your instrument or equipment has been damaged, we will pay for the cost of repairs and for any depreciation in value that may come from the damage (but not exceeding your total sum insured for that item on your policy).

It’s worthwhile having a think about who you might want to take your instrument to. We’re happy for you to tell us if you have a preferred repairer or retailer that you would like to fix your instrument or equipment.  We’ll also cover the postage or similar transport of your instrument to and from the repairer for up to £500 for any one claim. If you’re using professional removals firms for pianos, harpsichords and organs we’ll cover this up to £2,000 per claim.

If (upsettingly) your instrument or equipment can’t be repaired we will let you choose your replacement instrument – it can be brand new, second-hand, whichever you prefer (though not exceeding the sum insured for the insured item). We know that for many musicians your instrument and equipment is your livelihood, so getting a replacement is critical.

With our new for old cover, we insure your instrument for its replacement value, even if this is more than what the instrument cost to buy originally. So if you need to make a claim, we’ll pay out the amount for which your instrument was insured, so you can source another instrument of the same quality in the current market, particularly if your instrument was a vintage or rare make.

Violin in repair shop
We understand that if the worst happens and you need to make a claim you’ll want to get back to playing as soon as possible. In some cases you might have a gig that you’re getting paid for or maybe even an exam - so we know that going without an instrument or your equipment at that time is not possible. That’s why while your instrument is being repaired or in the process of being located, we’ll cover the costs to hire a loan instrument, so that you can carry on playing no matter what. 
Making a claim is quick and easy, so you can get back to playing again. It’s best to tell us about your claim as soon as you can after the damage or loss happens. 
Our dedicated claims line is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm