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About Allianz Musical Insurance
We insure over 70,000 musicians
Over 330,000 instruments currently insured
More than 500 different types of instruments currently insured
60 years of experience in musical insurance
View or download our latest Musical Insurance Terms and Conditions. 
We'll cover you if you play music as either a professional or semi-pro, whether that's touring with your band or getting paid for performing with an orchestra.
We know that for many musicians, being without an instrument for any length of time simply isn’t an option. With our loan hire cover, you’ll always have something to play if your own instrument is lost or damaged.
No matter how careful you are with your instrument, accidents are unavoidable – and nobody can help being the target of theft. If the worst ever happens, we’ll be there to help you get back to playing.
If your instrument or equipment gets damaged while on the move, whether that’s on tour or heading to rehearsal, we’ve got you covered.
You’ll automatically get up to £500 cover (items valued between £10-£250, with a per claim limit of £500) for musical accessories and anything else you use to play your instrument.
If after a repair, your instrument has reduced in value due to the damage, we’ll cover your instrument for the amount it has reduced by.