Announcing our charity partnership with Help Musicians

Published 21st November 2022

It’s an immense privilege for Allianz Musical Insurance to announce Help Musicians as our first official Charity Partner

At Allianz Musical Insurance, we’re passionate about supporting the music industry beyond the insurance products and services we provide. In choosing to support Help Musicians, we’re increasing our commitment to musicians in the UK by contributing to an inspiring organisation that has been providing a range of services and opportunities to help musicians thrive for over 100 years.

Help Musicians is an independent UK charity for professional musicians of all genres, from starting out in their career through to retirement. We had the pleasure of supporting Help Musicians during the pandemic, and were impressed with their incredible response and approach to musicians during a time of crisis. We’ve since had the chance to see how they support musicians in times of opportunity too, along with the insights around the meaningful difference they make to the lives of musicians. 
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How will Allianz Musical Insurance support Help Musicians?

Allianz Musical Insurance will donate £60,000 to Help Musicians over the next 12 months to continue to support their programmes and initiatives. You will see regular updates via our news pages and social media about the work that Help Musicians undertakes, in addition to seeing our charity partner logo on our website and documentation. We will also provide details about how you, our valued customers, can donate to Help Musicians directly.

What will Help Musicians use the funding for?

The pandemic revealed the financial hardship faced by many freelance musicians, along with the challenge of living in an uncertain, fast-changing world. For freelancers there is no simple return to work, and the needs of musicians have never been more broad or complex. This funding will therefore go directly towards initiatives that help musicians with rebuilding their careers. Help Musicians’ aim over the next year is to support and empower musicians around touring, mentoring, and understanding/ navigating the music industry. Along with Help Musicians, we want musicians to rebound in a way that:
  • Fulfils them artistically and ensures their musical plans can be brought to life. Musicians can apply to the charity for up to £5,000 of support to do just this, alongside one-to-one business advice sessions with industry professionals tailored to their needs. Read more here
  • Provides a viable and reliable level of income
  • Sees musicians equipped with preventative guidance and support. Help Musicians offer everything from self-care sessions and peer support groups, to custom-made hearing protection

How can Help Musicians support me?

If you’re a professional UK musician currently faced with an unavoidable challenge, or struggling with direction on how to re-establish your music career after an unexpected event such as the pandemic, Help Musicians can provide support in areas such as: 
  • Specific Business Skills and Advice
  • Bespoke Mentoring within the music industry
  • Creative Development funding and opportunities
  • Crucial access to Health & Welfare services
Drummer on Stage
As an insurer, we’re there for musicians when the worst happens to them or their instrument. Our partnership with Help Musicians also presents us with the opportunity to contribute towards providing support to professional musicians in the earlier stages, as well as helping musicians navigate a course that avoids crisis. Keep an eye open on our news pages and social media for more information around our partnership with Help Musicians and the incredible work they do.
James Ainscough
James Ainscough, Chief Executive at Help Musicians

James Ainscough, Chief Executive at Help Musicians:

“Allianz Musical Insurance have been a highly valuable partner throughout the pandemic, providing much-need financial support during the crisis and showing their true care for musicians. We’re delighted to formalise our relationship and become their first charity partner. 100% of their generous fundraising will go directly into vital services to help musicians rebuild their careers in this increasingly challenging landscape.”

Wynne Hamilton, Head of Musical Insurance at Allianz:

“Supporting musicians through the pandemic was important to all of us at Allianz Musical Insurance. We worked with Help Musicians to deliver funding and services to the industry during that time as our purposes were aligned.  Having seen the benefits of the services Help Musicians provides to professionals, we wanted to continue supporting our customers and the wider industry through periods of difficulty. That’s why we chose Help Musicians as our first ever charity partner and are proud to continue to promote their mission to support and empower musicians through all stages of their lives.”

Wynne Hamilton
Wynne Hamilton, Head of Musical Insurance at Allianz

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