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Strong partners
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At Allianz, we believe a business partnership should be equal parts business  and partnership. Where keeping customers safe and secure is just the start.

Insight | Sep 06, 2021

Most modern forms of transportation have remained fundementally unchanged for decades; we could be on the cusp of a 'transportation transformation'. So what could the future of mobility look like and how might it affect the insurance industry?

Insight | Aug 31, 2021

Underinsurance isn't a new concept and has always been an issue for businesses of all sizes. Here are some practical steps that brokers can tell customers to help reduce the chance of underinsurance.

Insight | Aug 26, 2021

The phased ban on new petrol and diesel cars is going to have a seismic impact on the motor market. Influencing which vehicles are bought and how they are run, the move brings a range of challenges for fleet managers.

From emerging risks to business and market issues, our webinars provide you with practical guidance, support and the opportunity to ask our experts your questions.
Guidance to help brokers and customers manage business risks, comply with relevant legislation and keep staff and customers safe.
Helping policyholders face difficult circumstances and getting them back to business as quickly as possible.

Supporting our brokers' understanding of mental health which is vital to support both the personal and professional resilience of their employees. 
Working in partnership with our brokers to support grassroot sports across the UK. Nominate your local sports club for a grant.

For us, countering climate change and limiting global warming is a priority and something we are taking active steps to help achieve.

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