Tailored cover and services from our team of industry experts

A range of bespoke covers for construction businesses with a turnover of up to £400 million.
A range of bespoke covers for construction projects and contracting risks. 

Offered by
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS)


Supporting your customer together

High quality engineering inspections to help keep businesses and equipment compliant and ensure employees are able to work safely and effectively. 
Bespoke consultancy, one-off inspections and training on legislation to meet your customers’ specific needs.  
Wind and solar panels
Covering solar, wind, hydro and short term operational reserve installations (STOR) , both during construction and whilst operational.
Flexible products with key property, liability, financial and speciality covers available all under one policy.
Dedicated construction experts in three major hubs (London, Birmingham and Manchester) for new and renewal business.
In-house NEBOSH qualified construction risk surveyors who can carry out risk assessments on site.
A range of inspection and engineering consultancy services available to help keep businesses and projects safe and compliant.

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We have Construction expert hubs in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

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