Making a liability claim

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Please use this phone number if:

  • a client is suing you (or has indicated they might soon take legal action) for a mistake you made while providing a professional service.
  • in your role as a company director or officer (or equivalent), you are being accused of a wrongful act, such as a breach of trust or duty, neglect and making a serious error.

Please use this phone number for claims involving:

  • a workplace injury
  • work-related illness (affecting past as well as present employees)
  • an incident on or around your premises that caused injury to a customer, visitor, contractor, tenant, or other third party
  • damage to a third party's property caused by your business activities
  • injury or illness caused by a product that you manufactured or sold.
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We'll do our best to put things right.
We'll confirm your policy cover, and then depending on the situation, the following may happen:
We'll make arrangements with approved repairers and suppliers (subject to your agreement).
A loss adjuster or investigator will contact you so they can visit and gather more information for the next steps.
You'll be asked for more details, records (e.g. photos of damage) and valuations or repair estimates.
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