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Ensure the safety and compliance of your work equipment, plant and machinery with the UK’s largest independent Engineering Inspection provider.

Guided by our commitment to ‘Engineering Excellence’, we are fully focused on giving you complete peace of mind over your compliance with safety regulations and industry standards. Backed by an exceptional team of certified engineer surveyors and collaborative partnerships, we take pride in delivering outstanding service tailored to your needs and equipment.

Did you know that engineering inspections cover all sorts of equipment, keeping people safe every day.

Here we explore some of the plant and machinery we might come across on a daily basis.

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Our brokers have voted us as their number 1 Engineering Inspection provider compared to our competitors.  
Reports of our compliance inspections are compiled digitally on site, meaning our customers receive them as soon as possible.
Our engineer surveyors are leaders in their fields, offering the highest level of technical proficiency and quality assurance.
We can carry out on-site inspections of plant and machinery anywhere in the UK and Republic of Ireland.
We offer a range of specialist insurance and inspection solutions, traded via our broker partners to protect your work equipment plant and machinery. Explore these, as well as our bespoke construction and power solutions.
To help our customers provide safe access for our engineer surveyors, we’ve compiled all of the relevant information that you need in the form of Risk Assessments & Method Statements (RAMS).
eServices - providing quick and easy access to examination records and historical data.

News and insights

wind turbine engineers

Allianz Insight | May 23, 2023

Engineering inspection and maintenance are both essential for many businesses but people often confuse the two. In this article we’ll outline the differences between inspection and maintenance and explain why and when each should be carried out.
female engineer

Press release | Apr 04, 2023

Allianz is recruiting six lift and crane apprentices for the third cohort of its Engineer Surveyor programme as it expands its inspection business.


The Allianz Engineer Surveyor Apprenticeship is returning for a third year

Press release | Feb 10, 2023

Allianz Engineering Construction & Power is pleased to announce the launch of the third year of the Engineer Surveyor (Lift and Crane) Apprenticeship Programme.