Cover for plant and machinery in case of breakdown and other loss or damage.
Cover for loss of revenue or profit as a result of breakdown or damage to plant and machinery.
Inspection combined with bespoke insurance cover to protect plant and machinery.
A range of bespoke covers combined with inspection services for property owners and managers.
Cover for loss, damage or breakdown of a wide range of computer equipment.
Cover for loss, damage or breakdown of a wide range of electronic equipment.
Cover for loss or damage of perishable stock cause by cold store failure.
Tailored solutions for UK-based mid corporate businesses with incidental assets and liabilities overseas.
We  also provide bespoke industry solutions for construction and renewable energy. 

Supporting your customer together

Our Engineering Services

Ensure the safety and compliance of your work equipment, plant and machinery with the UK’s largest independent Engineering Inspection provider.

Guided by our commitment to ‘Engineering Excellence’, we are fully focused on giving you complete peace of mind over your compliance with safety regulations and industry standards. Backed by an exceptional team of certified engineer surveyors and collaborative partnerships, we take pride in delivering outstanding service tailored to your needs and equipment.

97% of our customers rate us 4 or 5 stars out of 5 for overall satisfaction with our inspections services nationwide.
Underwriters with comprehensive industry knowledge and technical expertise - for both new and renewal business.
Specialist engineering claims teams providing swift and competent solutions. 

Our Engineering products and services can be flexibly combined with our core property, casualty and fleet solutions to ensure all-round protection for your customers’ business. 

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