Multinational Solutions

A range of options - from centrally coordinated international programmes (including Freedom of Service policies for EEA exposures) to fully admitted local policies

Our Commercial Select product can be extended to include Difference in Conditions (DIC); Difference in Limits (DIL); tenants & neighbours liability; increased tax liability; underinsurance shortfall; excess & residual employers liability and excess motor.
Our Property Owners product cover can be extended to include Difference in Conditions (DIC); Difference in Limits (DIL); tenants & neighbours liability; increased tax liability; underinsurance shortfall; excess & residual employers liability.
  • Fleet International Insurance Programmes (FIIP) to support UK domiciled companies with motor fleets outside of the UK
  • Motor trade covers
  • Engineering covers.
Our Multinational solutions are designed to provide cover for medium to large businesses with overseas exposure which is incidental to UK policy exposure.
For more complex risks, explore Global, Corporate and Specialty Solutions from Allianz.
Our global network in over 200 territories means local knowledge on an international scale.
Underwriters with comprehensive industry knowledge and technical expertise - for both new and renewal business.
Products fully adaptable to your customers‘ needs, integrating Property and Liability cover options into a single, bespoke programme.
Dedicated contact to manage a claim from start to finish. Multi-lingual local teams working in tandem with overseas experts..
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The UK exposure will be covered by our flexible International Commercial Select or International Property Owners Select, depending on your customer’s needs. These products provide the range of coverages generally required by UK businesses, including Specialty Lines.

The overseas risk will be covered on a local policy, providing the widest cover available in the local market and issued in the local language. You can be assured that cover will fulfil local regulatory requirements, including access to mandatory local reinsurance pools and catastrophe arrangements. Difference in Conditions (DIC) and/ or Difference in Limits (DIL) cover can be added to the primary UK policy, harmonising cover across all territories.

We’re able to provide two separate solutions: a stand-alone fully admitted local policy or an International Insurance Programme, incorporating local policies within one UK Master policy.

An insurance broker will be needed in the territory where cover is required to arrange local premium payment, policy documentation and support the customer as required. If you don’t have a broking office in the territory where cover is required, our Allianz network can support in establishing a partnership intermediary arrangement.

There are several cover benefits to local policies:

  • They offer your customer the possibility of accessing special local covers, such as Natural Catastrophe funds, Workers Compensation and Terrorism.
  • Policies are issued in the local language.
  • The policy will be processed locally, meeting all local fiscal requirements.
  • They enable local risk management, insurance surveys and advice services.

There are also several positives at point of claim, should the worst happen:

  • Claims notification and handling will be in the overseas territory where the claim event occurred.
  • Settlements are paid directly to the local subsidiary where the loss takes place, ensuring a seamless transaction for your customer.
  • Claims can be paid in the local currency alleviating any exchange rate losses.

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