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Small to medium sized enterprises

Access digitally traded propositions tailored to the insurance and risk needs of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
Packaged covers tailored and combined to suit the needs of small businesses.
Insurance for a wide spectrum of trades, from manufacturing to warehousing and tailoring.
Covers to suit a variety of office-based businesses, such as solicitors, graphic designers and doctors' surgeries.
Suitable for most types of independently owned retail businesses, including restaurants, newsagents and butchers.
For companies operating in a wide range of trades, from carpet fitters to builders, electricians to interior designers.
Caters for a mix of up to 20 commercial or residential premises, from a single buy-to-let property to a nationwide portfolio.
Ideal protection against damage and legal action for owners of blocks of flats with up to 20 premises.
For businesses with 3-15 vehicles (up to 20 at renewal)
For the import/ export and storage of goods worldwide
Personal liability cover for decision makers
Tailored to specific trade sector needs

What we’ve done so far

Our Complete Property Owner, Complete Flatowner, Complete Retailer, Complete Office and Complete Contractor products do not have an average clause.

Our Complete Business product does not have the average clause on the Property Damage section. This means policyholders who find themselves underinsured will have their claim met up to the full sums insured level - we will not reduce the claim by applying average.

Average Free Live applies at point-of-quote. Using data sources to capture property dimensions, we can highlight if sums insured are out of line for a trade and area. Your journey through QuoteSME now includes a new page for risks that appear below these values.

How does this benefit you?

Over the past couple of years we’ve researched and developed a unique database that you and your customers will now be able to benefit from.

We’ll share at point-of-quote when a case falls outside of the typical range for a risk in a given trade and area, prompting a conversation between you and your customers to ensure they have adequate cover improving service and expertise to your customers.

Why have we done this?

Following the FCA's Thematic Review, which revealed 40% of SMEs could be underinsured; we've taken this customer focused step of dealing with underinsurance to help provide peace-of-mind for you and your customers.

Calculating the correct 'sums insured'

We'll only pay up to the sums insured; so, to ensure that your customers are fully protected, use our guidance notes when you're doing the maths.

Our Small Business Team can provide expert underwriting support, assistance with quotes, policies, mid-term adjustments and renewals, and information on our 'Complete' products and services.

They're available 9am-5pm, Mon to Fri. You can contact them via:

Live chat

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