Complete Mini Fleet Insurance

5-star rating

Independently and impartially rated five stars by Defaqto – a specialist rating, comparison and research company.

Flexible cover

Cover for business as well as social, domestic and pleasure use, and the ability to accommodate temporary vehicles.

Digitally traded

Available via our award-winning digital trading solution. QuoteSME.

Lifetime guarantee on repairs

Our nationwide approved repairer network provides a lifetime guarantee on all repairs.
Independently and impartially rated five stars by Defaqto – a specialist rating, comparison and research company.
Further product information for policies which have incepted or renewed on or after 4 December 2021 are available from our Document Download Centre.
Cover highlights

  • Third party liability - unlimited indemnity for death or injury 
  • Third party liability - indemnity for accidental damage to other persons property; £20,000,000 in respect of private cars and £10,000,000 for all other vehicles
  • Comprehensive electric vehicle cover - including third party liability during charging and damage for cables and connectors and electric wallbox located at insured's premises and employees' homes 
  • New for old – cover for private cars or goods carrying vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes, if less than one year old and damaged beyond 50% of their list price
  • Personal accident – cover for drivers, with £10,000 indemnity per incident
  • Accidental misfuelling – cover to drain the fuel tank and rectify any subsequent damage
  • In-vehicle safety technology – up to £250 for equipment such as dash-cams
  • Replacement locks – unlimited cover if vehicle keys have been lost or stolen
  • Child seat – like for like replacement cover
  • Legal protection – cover up to £100,000 for uninsured loss recovery and motor prosecution defence
  • Personal belongings – up to £500 per incident
  • Medical expenses – up to £500 per person for anyone injured in the insured vehicle, subject to a maximum of £2,000 per incident
  • Driving abroad - territorial limits apply
  • Unauthorised movement - policy cover for the movement of vehicles impeding legitimate access or exit
  • Volunteering - cover for employees using their company vehicle to support the NHS, Trussell Trust or IFAN (Independent Food Aid Network) recognised charities with the insured‘s agreement
  • Psychological support (optional extension) – for up to eight sessions of treatment following an accident for the driver and any passengers


Risk appetite

  • Fleets of 3-15 vehicles (up to 20 vehicles at renewal)
  • Business cars and light commercial vehicles less than 7.5 tonnes (used for carrying own goods only)
  • UK based businesses – over 3,000 trades and occupations accepted
  • Established businesses with a minimum of three years confirmed claims experience
  • Private car schedules not dominated by high performance vehicles
  • Fleets that do not change insurer on an annual basis.


  • Dedicated fleet claims handlers - supported by rehabilitation and fraud investigation teams
  • 24/7/365 claims reporting - digitally via Allianz Claims Hub, phone or email
  • Real-time claims updates - validation, liability and repair progression updates via Allianz Claims Hub
  • Live chat - our online messaging system via Allianz Claims Hub
  • Digital document transfer - video footage or imagery can be uploaded in support of a claim via Allianz Claims Hub
  • Excess suppression - when a third party is at fault and their insurer is identified, we'll waive the damage excess
  • Driver notification app - Allianz Notify can be used to notify a claim and capture third party driver details

Why choose Allianz?

Expert Claims handling
Dedicated commercial motor claims experts – UK based and supported by rehabilitation and fraud investigation teams

Allianz Motor Insurance Database 

Website and helpdesk providing immediate access to maintain vehicle data at

Free windscreen repairs with Autoglass
Providing a lifetime guarantee - and if the windscreen can be repaired, as opposed to replaced, there’s no excess to pay

Excess suppression 
When a third party is at fault and their insurer is identified, we’ll waive the damage excess

Discounts on motor fleet products and services from third party suppliers, including:
DriveTech – driver and fleet manager training and support (up to 50% discount)
Lightfoot – live driver coaching and fuel saving tool (15% discount)
VUE – CCTV in-vehicle camera solutions (up to 30% discount)
TRACKER Network UK (Ltd) – discounted products from the UK’s most successful stolen vehicle recovery system (£150 discount on the unit cost of vehicle tracking unit)

Excess suppression Business support helpline 
Offering guidance on health, safety, environmental, cyber security and business continuity help  


Product related
The Complete Mini Fleet product is designed to cover businesses with fleets of 3-15 vehicles comprised mainly of business cars and light commercial vehicles not used for hire and reward. The product also caters for heavy commercial vehicles (up to 18T GVW), some ‘special type’ vehicles and trailers, provided these are incidental to the main fleet.

Complete Mini fleet is designed to cover businesses that have been trading for three or more years, operating in low to medium hazard trade sectors such as electrical contractors, roofing services, landscape gardeners and other allied trades.
(Note: date established declared in QuoteSME must reflect the date of incorporation of the legal entity as listed on companies house.)

Any trades that necessitate hire and reward exposure will decline.
We also actively preclude exposures to:

  • high profile individuals or events management
  • hazardous good or visiting hazardous sites
  • heavy industry (including scrap merchants)
  • animal exposures
  • newsagents
  • restaurants, food sellers, catering or hospitality
  • nurseries, schools, colleges, universities or sports clubs.
At new business we will quote fleets of 3-15, vehicles, with ability to flex mid-term.
Complete Mini Fleet policies can accommodate driving on an ‘any driver’ basis excluding those under 21, 25 or 30. Named drivers can also be specified but we do not offer a blanket ‘any driver’ policy. 
Blanket certificates are not available under Complete Mini Fleet.
Pay on use breakdown cover is included within our policy. We can also provide discounted insured options through our preferred supplier.
Cover for driving abroad is provided as standard under Section D of the policy wording. This confirms the territorial limits and level of cover given for driving abroad. This product is not suitable for businesses with significant overseas exposure and we will not write business where the policyholder expects to use any vehicle overseas for more than 60 days per policy year.

If your client makes a claim for damage to their business car or light commercial vehicle and they choose to use one of our approved repairers they will be entitled (subject to policy cover) to a Class A courtesy vehicle.

Like-for-like replacement vehicles can be provided at competitive hire rates should a Class A vehicle not be suitable, removing the need for the client to make additional arrangements. 

MTAs do not incur an admin fee. There is, however, a minimum premium of £25 applicable to cover ‘time on risk’ following any mid-term adjustments. Cancellations that are initiated by the policyholder are also subject to a £25 administration fee. 
We require the declaration of all exposure and losses for all instances which have occurred during the preceding three year period.
All vehicles must be owned, hired, leased or loaned in the name of the insured provided within the client details. There is an exception for vehicles owned by a director/partner or principal and in these situations we will note the interest via a clause on the policy schedule. Vehicles owned by any other party cannot be insured on this product. 
Our Complete Mini Fleet product is flexible enough to accommodate heavier goods vehicles up to 18T providing that these are incidental to the risk. However, these are low appetite vehicles and therefore will increase the likelihood of decline due to the overall vehicle mix. 
The target age range for vehicles under our Complete Mini Fleet product is ten years or younger. Vehicles older than this can be accommodated by exception providing the overall vehicle mix is acceptable to us. 
We can cover/accommodate special types and trailers provided that these are incidental to the risk. Please note any risk with more than four trailers will decline. 
Cover is provided on a comprehensive basis as standard. Individual vehicles can have a reduced level of cover to TPFT, TPO and LUFT providing that this is incidental to the risk. 
The cover provided under Complete Mini Fleet is Business Use of the insured plus Social Domestic and Pleasure. 
E-Trade related
The activity of the insured is a significant factor when considering the hazard associated with the risk and will influence acceptance and pricing decisions. It is therefore imperative that the occupation is correctly represented and the correct sector chosen when quoting. If the exact trade is not available please do not hesitate to contact one of our underwriters who will be more than happy to assist you in finding the most applicable option. 
We require proof to be submitted to us for all historical claims experience periods and NCD years captured as part of a quote and this will be validated by our underwriting team. It is possible though to incept a policy before submitting this proof, however, it must have been received and validated by us within 30 days of cover starting. If we are not able to validate the proof(s) provided then an additional premium may be payable or we may cancel the policy by giving seven days’ notice on the twenty third day after inception.
Any NCD proof supplied must be in the name of the insured or a director, partner or principal of the insured. We cannot accept NCD in the name of employees or spouses for vehicles that are to be covered under the business fleet policy. If the vehicles in question are owned or leased in the name of an employee or spouse then they should be insured separately elsewhere. 
NCD can be provided in the form of a letter, or a current renewal schedule. Any NCD proof supplied must contain the following information: name, address, vehicle registration, insurer name/ logo, policy number, period of insurance and the date issued. Out of date proofs and/or MTA schedules are not acceptable. 

CCE or proof of NCD can be uploaded via QuoteSME. Proof of experience can be submitted online at point of quote or up to 23 days after policy inception. This will then follow a validation process where the experience will be checked against that information declared at inception.

We must have received and validated this proof(s) within 30 days of inception. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the policy on the thirtieth day. 

The basis of our acceptance and quoted premium for the risk is the information declared to us and any inconsistencies may result in additional premium and/or terms being applied or the policy being cancelled. The best way to minimise this risk is to be in possession of the confirmed experience at the time of quotation.
Claims experience must be provided for all years declared to us. A run-off must be obtained for all prior years to show the full position for that period without any ‘cut-off’. The experience for current period must have been issued no more than two months prior to the date of inception for our policy.
The figure entered into the Vehicle Years box should be the number of vehicles on cover at the start of each policy period. If the number of vehicles on cover at the start of the policy period was two, then this should be entered into the Vehicle Years box (regardless of whether vehicles were added or deleted after this date). Vehicles in this count must have been owned by the insured or a director/partner/principal of the insured business.
We require the count and the total incurred costs of claims occurring in each of the past three 12-month periods to be declared to us. This is irrespective of whether they were fault or non-fault claims or if the vehicles were insured on a protected NCD basis.

The data captured should be based on the combined experience. For example, the current year vehicle years would equate to 4.8. The claims experience should also be merged in the same way.

For validation we would expect that the declared experience has no more vehicle years than the conformed claims experience plus the count of the NCD vehicles. 

This could be due to several factors that when grouped together make the exposure unacceptable under the Complete Mini Fleet product. This could be due to an accumulation of vehicles that might be acceptable individually but when grouped together offset our target vehicle mix.

Please speak to an underwriter if you require further specific information relating to your quote. 

All mid-term adjustments and vehicle changes can be processed online via QuoteSME. 
If you have any questions or referrals please do not hesitate to contact our team on 0344 893 9577 and listen for the options. You can also contact us via Live Chat on QuoteSME if you would prefer.
We may look to accommodate a named driver under the age of 21 depending on the type, use of vehicle and the ABI grouping; however, additional terms may be applied. 
Newer vehicles may take time to register under our vehicle lookup facility. Vehicles can however be manually entered by make and model should you have any issues with the automatic look-up please refer to the underwriting team for assistance.
This promotional material is intended for insurance broker use only and no-one else should rely upon it.
It must not be made available to anyone other than the intended recipient, either in its original form or any reproduction.