Insurance Tomorrow podcast

Steph McGovern and experts from across the industry discuss major global business trends, their impacts on the insurance industry and
the challenges they pose to insurance brokers. 

Latest podcast episode

Delivering net zero and sustainable business

In this episode we look at how the insurance industry can drive the transition to net zero, and the importance of ESG for business.

Net zero is now a well-known phrase, but we ask how we can translate into it with urgency. It’s something governments can push but business and the insurance industry can help change mindsets and processes.

While the transition to net zero can appear like a huge long term task for firms just starting on their net zero journey, our host - Steph McGovern asks what practical things can insurance companies do now to have a positive impact on climate change.

Our host - Steph McGovern - is joined by:

  • Jon Dudenay, Allianz head of mid market portfolio steering
  • Anna Valero, senior policy fellow at the LSE's Centre for Economic Performance
  • Jo Goddard, director, Green & Good Consulting

Previous podcasts

AI in Insurance: Getting the Balance Right

Over the past few months, we've heard a lot about AI, or Artificial Intelligence. In this podcast we explain how AI can analyse data from various sources such as customer information, accident reports, and policy details.

Discussing how AI can help the insurance industry by assessing the validity of claims, calculate payouts, and even detect fraudulent activities.

The Skills Shortage: Getting Staff Back to the Workplace

Many small businesses have struggled to recruit people in the last year, partly because fewer people are in employment than before the pandemic. It looks like one of the biggest risks is that they will find it difficult to grow if they can’t find enough staff.

The government is encouraging older workers back to the office, after many took early retirement but are there are skilled workers, particularly those who want to work part time, who could also help?

Making your business strong and resilient

In this episode we talk about how to ensure your business remains resilient in challenging times.

Over two thirds of SMEs in the UK are concerned about the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, inflation and energy prices. The economic outlook is uncertain, with increasing inflation, and a downturn in consumer confidence. So what should businesses do?


BIBA: How the industry looks forward

Recorded live in front of a studio audience from the 2023 BIBA Conference in Manchester. 

Hear some of the most influential speakers in the industry discuss the key issues facing brokers today, from how the cost of living crisis may cause more under insurance to how AI can help the industry fight fraud.

ESG for small businesses

Just how do our ESG responsibilities impact small businesses?

Steph McGovern chats to Glen Clarke, Head of Strategy and Transformational Propositions, and Jo Goddard, CEO, Green & Good Consulting about how small businesses can start becoming more sustainable.

The best of 2022

In the final episode of Insurance Tomorrow for 2022, we look back at some of the most significant issues we have discussed over the past year. We examine some of the most important global trends in the months and years to come and how they might affect the insurance industry.

Our host - Steph McGovern - discussed the future of claims, cybersecurity, underinsurance, electric vehicles, ESG, and flexible working, plus much more.


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