Premium Instalment Plan (PIP) frequently asked questions

Customers will receive an immediate acknowledgement email with their reference number when they submit their application. Upon acceptance, the client will receive a further email with their agreement number. We aim to complete this within 7 working days.

Formal documentation will then be issued approximately 10 working days after the client’s acceptance, with a copy sent to yourself.

If you have any questions regarding the premium instalment plan, please contact the instalments team on 0330 102 1820 and select option 2 or by email to

The online application process is suitable for the majority of our customers; however if your customer is unable to complete online or wishes to pay by quarterly or bi-monthly instalments, they will still need to submit a paper application form.

Our paper form doesn’t ask for payment card details as we're unable to accept these details in written format. As part of our improvement to PCI DSS compliance, we’ll no longer be able to enter customer card details on behalf of the cardholder. Instead, the cardholder will need to key in the card details using a touch-tone phone while on a call with our customer service agents. If your customer wishes to pay their instalment deposit by debit or credit card, they'll be informed how to do this by email at the point of submission. 

Our online application form has to be completed by the customer. Send them the link to the following page, which contains answers to common customer queries and directions to complete the application:

At present we’re unable to send you a notification that we have received an application from any particular client. However, your client will receive an acknowledgement email.

You should receive your copy of the documentation within around 10 working days of acceptance onto instalments

There is a Q&A for customers on the online application form that may be able to help.

If your customer needs further assistance, please ask them to contact us by calling 0330 102 1820 and select option 2.

Yes, they will need to apply via our online application and let us know which policies they want to add to the agreement. Unfortunately we can't have both engineering and commercial insurance policies on the same plan.

Where the agent is administering a bank account on behalf of the policyholder, the agent needs to complete the form in their own name "on behalf of" the policyholder. Please ensure they include the policyholder name in the "Applicant Name" field and provide their contact details for correspondence.

If the policyholder is paying the instalments themselves, they need to complete the application.

We have a paper form, which is available for use in this situation.

It's also available for customers who require more than one signatory to authorise transactions on the bank account or who want to apply for quarterly or bi-monthly instalments.

You’ll need to use our paper form in these circumstances.

Please note these special conditions for quarterly instalments:

  1. The option to choose an instalment collection date (preferred payment date) is not available; the first collection will need to be made on the date the policy starts.
  2. We cannot accept late applications for quarterly collections. The application must be submitted within 60 days from the start of the policy.

The address for all instalment post is:

Allianz Insurance plc,
4th Floor,
1 St George’s Square,
Bath Street,
Bristol, BS1 6BA.

We can also accept scanned images of paper application forms emailed to

These should be directed to your underwriting contact at Allianz who will be able to help you.
Yes, the premium including IPT must exceed £100.
No, we have to check all applications to make sure we meet strict regulatory requirements. However if the application is rejected we’ll send you a copy of the letter that is sent to them. You’ll then need to make sure you collect the full premium from the policy holder as set out in your normal credit terms.
Your underwriting contact at Allianz will be able to help you but any changes made after an instalment agreement has been set up will cause disruption to payments.
This promotional material is intended for insurance broker use only and no-one else should rely upon it.
It must not be made available to anyone other than the intended recipient, either in its original form or any reproduction.