Allianz recruits engineer surveyor apprentices

Posted: 4 April 2023

Allianz is recruiting six lift and crane apprentices for the third cohort of its Engineer Surveyor programme as it expands its inspection business.

Engineer surveyors inspect plant equipment and installations, making sure they operate safely for both employees and the public who use them.

Allianz has been providing inspections via brokers for years and is now offering this service directly to end customers.

It launched its first Engineer Surveyor Apprenticeship scheme in 2021 in conjunction with the Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed), and welcomed a second cohort in 2022. A total of 20 recruits are currently working towards qualification.

The application window opened on 3 April for the two-year programme which will start in September. The six apprentices will learn skills on the job with Allianz trainers, alongside study at Fareham College in Hampshire.

The Engineer Surveyor Apprenticeship page on Allianz’s career portal explains the application requirements and process, and shares testimonies from current trainees who will qualify in September this year.

Head of inspection Martin Ball said:

“The talent and enthusiasm of our current apprentices has been wonderful and we look forward to welcoming six new lift and crane recruits as our third cohort. This is a brilliant initiative and we are delighted to continue to give it our full support. With no two days the same, it is an exciting opportunity for future apprentices and for us, it is a pleasure to train the next generation of engineer surveyors, as we continue to grow our Inspection business.” 

Apply here:

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