Our policy has been designed to provide insurance for all kinds of musical instruments and equipment against accidental damage, accidental loss and theft. As well as paying for the repair or replacement of your items, we include cover to help you keep performing such as cover for hire of an alternative instrument, pay for your item to be transported to and from your chosen repairer, and most items have no standard excess*.

Not only that, but if you need to make a claim you can do so secure knowing that we don’t normally load your renewal just because you have had a claim**.

We even include access to a free legal helpline, so whether you are an amateur or professional musician, you can access legal assistance services to support your career and personal life.

Important cover for your stringed instrument whether you’re going to be the next Nicola Benedetti or Sheku Kanneh Mason.
Flexible insurance cover that’ll work for you whether you’re playing descant in a recorder ensemble or bari sax in a funk band.
Adaptable brass instrument insurance for cover wherever you’re playing, whether that’s in the band room or in the bandstand.
Tailorable piano/keyboard insurance so you’re protected whether you’re practicing 4 octave scales at home or playing keys at functions.
Insurance cover for all types of drums and percussion instruments so you don’t ever have to worry about hitting too hard.
Affordable cover for guitars, amps and accessories for all levels of guitarists, whether you’re serenading or shredding.
Versatile cover for all your sound kit, production equipment and everything else you use to make your music – and we mean everything!
Our DJ insurance will cover your equipment for accidental damage, theft, loss and more, leaving you to perform, mix and produce without worry.
Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm
To buy standalone Public Liability and Personal Accident policies without Musical Equipment cover please call us.

Cover for your instruments & other equipment against accidental damage, theft, and accidental loss.

Cover at your premises only, in the UK or Worldwide.

Cover for replacement instrument hire costs, £500 of free accessory cover and more as standard.

Cover starts from less than £3 per month.

Public Liability cover protects you against the cost of a claim if someone is injured or property damaged while you’re performing, teaching, rehearsing or recording.

Cover from £1m, to £10m is available, for individuals or groups.

Our prices are based on how often you are active, so cover starts at under £11 a year.

Our Personal Accident cover provides up to £30,000 for permanent disablement or a weekly benefit up to £375 per week for temporary disablement, following your accidental bodily injury*.

Cover for individuals or groups available.

Our prices are based on how often you are active, so cover starts at just £8.99 a year.

Our policy is backed by our expert Musical claims team, so whether your violin is stolen or you drop your guitar on the way off stage, you can be assured of a quick and easily process. Our specialist claims team deal with thousands of musical claims every year and accept over 98% of them, paying out in as little as 24 hours (once we have got all the information we need).

We have been paying musical claims for over 60 years and worked with many of the UKs retailers and repairers. This means we know the importance of the relationships between these specialists and our customers so we allow you to choose your own repairer.

No matter how careful you are with your instrument, accidents are unavoidable - and nobody can help being the target of theft. If the worst ever happens, we'll be there to help you get back to playing.
We'll cover you if you play music as either a professional or semi-pro, whether that's touring with your band or getting paid for performing at a local gig.
If your instrument or equipment gets damaged while on the move, whether that's on tour or heading to a rehearsal we've got you covered.
We know that for many musicians, being without an instrument for any length of time simply isn't an option. With our loan hire cover, you'll always have something to play if your own instrument is lost or damaged.
You'll automatically get up to £500 cover (items valued between £10-£250, with a per claim limit of £500) for musical accessories and anything else you use to play your instrument.
If after a repair, your instrument has reduced in value due to the damage, we'll cover your instrument for the amount it has reduced by.
We will provide cover if a repairer or retailer to whom you have entrusted an item goes out of business and you cannot recover your item or the proceeds of sale of that item.

You can choose to insure each item or group of items on a different basis; from premises only to worldwide cover. You can even add cover for items left unattended in a vehicle.

We also don't charge fees to make changes to policy.

If you suffer a theft or attempted theft of your insured items from your premises, we will pay up to £300 to replace or repair damage to windows, doors and locks.

Especially during these difficult times the speed of response was impressive, including the acceptance of the repair estimate.
Bassoon Player
Claims feedback
June 2020

They took the scariness out of the process when I had a catastrophic accident claiming some big bits of kit.
Claims feedback 
June 2020

Thank you for the great service. I have already recommended your musical instrument insurance to others
Feefo feedback
January 2020

Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm.
We'll get back to you as soon as we can.
You should insure your instrument for the amount it would cost to replace. If you’re not sure how much your instrument is worth, it’s a good idea to have it valued by a professional. You’ll probably be able to get a written valuation easily from your local musical instrument retailer or repairer. We recommend doing this regularly to make sure you’re not under insured or overpaying for your policy.
You need to be over 18 to take out an insurance policy. Anyone under the age of 18 will still be insured while using the instrument, as long as they have it with the (18+) policyholder’s permission.