Musicians Public Liability Insurance 

Dedicated Public Liability cover for when you’re out performing, teaching, rehearsing or recording 
Allianz Musical Insurance is a flexible product, so you can buy Public Liability Insurance alone or together with cover for your musical instruments or Personal Accident insurance. Cover starts at under £11.

Our Public Liability insurance protects you against the cost of a claim if someone else is injured, killed or their property is damaged while you are undertaking your Musical Activities* in the UK and Europe.** Also known as third party liability and personal liability, public liability cover protects you against the cost of a claim if someone is injured or damages property while you’re making music or teaching.

We can cover individuals or groups, so whether you are an amateur performing at the weekends, a semi-professional or professional musicians, DJ, producer or studio, a music teacher, band or ensemble, we can offer Public Liability cover for you.

Are you an amateur or occasional performer? We offer annual policies with pricing that takes into account how often you perform, so you only pay for the amount of cover you need.

Public Liability Insurance is important for musicians as it protects them if a claim is made against them. If the worst happens and something goes wrong at one of your gigs or performances, or when recording or rehearsing, then Public Liability Insurance would cover you against any claim made, up to the financial limit of the policy you choose.

It’s also important to remember that some venues will ask musicians if they have their own Public Liability Insurance before letting them play, and may even cancel if you don’t have the right cover. It’s always best to check what cover you need before you play.

You need to be over 18 to take out an insurance policy. Anyone under the age of 18 will still be insured while using the instrument, as long as they have it with the (18+) policyholder’s permission.
View or download our latest Public Liability & Personal Accident Cover Terms and Conditions.

*Allianz Musical Insurance Public liability insurance provides cover for Musical activities as defined as Performing, Rehearsing, Auditioning, Teaching either at your home/premises, the pupil’s home or a public place excluding the arrangement or undertaking of overnight stays of any kind, Loading and unloading the musical equipment/instruments and setting up prior to, and clearing away after, a performance/gig, and Music production, editing, composing, mastering and recording.

** Allianz Musical Insurance Public liability insurance provides cover in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel islands, the Isle of Man, EU member states, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Monaco and Liechtenstein.