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These cars, like the name suggests, are fully electric and powered entirely by their battery. So, they don’t use fossil fuels.

With no need for gears or any kind of engine, fully electric cars are known for their clean, smooth ride and instant acceleration.

Hybrid is a fancy word for crossing one thing with another, in other words a mix of things or a fusion. With a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) it means the car has both an electric battery and a petrol or diesel engine.

In terms of the difference between hybrid and electric cars, the main thing is that hybrids are ‘self- charging’ meaning the engine charges the battery as it goes. So, they still rely on fuel for their electric power and you can’t plug them in.

While a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) still has an electric battery as well as a petrol or diesel engine, there’s one key difference that sets it apart from other hybrids. You plug it in!

PHEVs can still recharge themselves when you’re driving but you also get to top up the battery overnight, for example, by plugging in. How the car’s powered depends on the model, but they typically use up their electric power then switch to the engine when the battery runs low.

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Here’s a list of 10 different makes of electric car our customers love to insure with us

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Fiat 500e
Kia Soul EV, Niro EV or EV6
Volvo C40 or XC40
Renault ZOE or MEGANE E-Tech
 Smart EQ fortwo or forfour
Skoda Enyaq
VW ID.3 or ID.4
Peugeot E208 or E-2008
Hyundai IONIQ 5 or KONA
Citroen e-C4
Did you know? With Allianz Car Insurance, you'll have fully comprehensive cover while driving your electric car in the EU.

With Allianz Car Insurance, you’re covered if you cause an accident involving your electric vehicle that injures someone. So, if your charging cable's in use and attached to your car and it causes an accident... we’ve got your back. But you have a duty of care to make sure you do everything you can to prevent accidents when charging your electric car.

So, it’s your responsibility to take reasonable care not to create hazards. For example, you mustn’t leave cables loose or coiled up where they might trip someone, or left trailing over a public footpath. If it can’t be avoided, minimise potential hazards by taking necessary precautions, such as warning signs and cable covers.

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