Do I need DJ insurance? 4 reasons to have the right cover

12th March 2024

There’s a lot to love about life as a DJ, from the opportunities to create and express your passion for music, to the fun of performing for live crowds. But when it’s your career or favourite pastime, there’s a serious side to consider as well.

Insurance may not inspire the same thrill as gigging at venues, events and festivals year-round. However, it does mean you can enjoy these experiences with a greater peace of mind.

Below, we break down some of the ways you can benefit from DJ insurance, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Key takeaways you’ll gain from this insight:

  • How covering your DJ equipment from damage, loss or theft can benefit you
  • Why it’s helpful to protect yourself against accidental injury or damage
  • How DJ insurance can help turn your pastime into a career
  • Why the right coverage can look after you if you are unable to perform
Whether you make music at home, or tour around the country, you’ve probably invested a great deal in the equipment you use to mix and perform your music. Think of everything you use day-to-day:
  • Laptop
  • Decks
  • Mixers
  • Lighting
  • Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Music software
  • CDs and record collections
dj equipment
That’s a huge investment in your craft. Yet, no matter how careful you are about your DJ equipment, it’s a possibility that items can get lost or damaged. You may misplace a pair of headphones or a speaker between gigs, or leave something behind when packing up after a show. For some, it may not seem like a big deal – for you, it could leave you paying for expensive replacements. 
dj mixing

When there’s a lot of activity going on around you during performances, accidents can and do happen. Something as innocent as a spilled drink or a small push can damage your sensitive equipment.

Theft is something else to be aware of. The value and sophistication of this technology can often make it a prime target, whether it’s at home or on the road. Techno artist Pfirter had over £15,000 worth of equipment stolen while away on tour in early 2023 – just one case of the impact theft can have on your career and livelihood.

DJ equipment insurance means you can recover quickly from any damage, theft or loss of your gear. Reducing downtime between gigs, or the need to dig into your own pocket. Insurance helps you overcome these tough circumstances, source temporary and permanent replacements, and get back to doing what you love sooner rather than later.

You know better than anyone how anything can happen during a live performance – whether you’re playing for 100 guests at a wedding reception, or tens of thousands at a huge festival.

Someone trips over a loose cable and injures their knee. A light or speaker falls and hits somebody. Even when you take every possible precaution, the activity happening around your set can have painful consequences. Fundamentally, if someone gets hurt accidentally and you or your DJ equipment is considered responsible, you could be liable if they choose to take legal action.

Then there’s the venue itself. When setting up equipment you might accidentally scrape against a wall, or drop something heavy and damage the stage. No harm intended, but it’s still something the organisers will expect you to pay for.

No matter how careful you are, accidents do happen, especially when you’re constantly on the move and playing shows with big attendances. Here, Public Liability Insurance for DJs can be extremely important.

dj with crowd
It protects you against the cost of a claim if someone is accidentally injured or property is accidentally damaged in the course of your gig. Knowing you’re protected, you can worry less about micromanaging every detail, and focus on delivering the best performance possible.
female dj with crowd

Maybe you want to go from mixing music at home to performing for people? Or you’re a mobile DJ looking to expand from local pubs and small weddings to larger venues?

If that sounds like you, then DJ insurance could be a vital next step for your ambitions. More and more venues across the UK require you to have proof of public liability insurance to perform. It makes sense – if something went wrong, they want to know that both you and they are protected against claims.

Without insurance, you could quickly find yourself hitting a glass ceiling in your career. When you make that investment, doors can start to open, meaning more opportunities to gig and chances to elevate your performances.

Like any job in entertainment, there are high and low points for paid work. For DJs, the summer is the time to grind:

  • 39% of UK marriages take place between June and August
  • The country’s biggest festivals happen over the summer
  • Young adults are out of college and university
  • Clubs, pubs and venues are busier and need regular talent

People want to go out and have fun, and that can mean plenty of bookings for you. But, if something caused you to miss part or all of the summer activity, it could put you in an uncertain financial situation. It’s hard to think about, but we can never tell what the future holds. An injury could leave you unable to work or perform for several key weeks or months, taking a decent chunk of your income with it.

If you’re concerned about what this could mean for you and your family, Personal Accident cover can help take these worries away. This means that if you can’t work for a while due to a personal injury, you could still receive a regular payment during this absence.

So, if you’re kept from earning a living for a while, the right insurance cover will help ensure you and your loved ones are looked after while you recover.

Hopefully this has helped you decide if DJ insurance is right for your circumstances. It may not be mandatory for every gig you perform, but it can provide you with a lot of security against the twists and turns life throws at you.

If this has captured your interest, there are 3 standout types of insurance you may want to consider:

dj performing
By investing in these policy options, you put yourself in the best position to minimise losses, no matter what happens at your gigs.

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