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Musician Public Liability Insurance & Personal Accident insurance for musicians playing anywhere in the UK is available as an add-on from just £36.98.

£5,000 payment:

  • Loss of limb
  • Loss of sight
  • Loss of auditory power (hearing)

£10,000 payment:

  • Permanent total disability
  • Death

* Use is defined as: performing, rehearsing, auditioning, teaching either at your home/premises, the pupil’s home or a public place, loading and unloading the musical equipment/instruments and setting up prior to, and clearing away after, a performance/gig.
Public Liability Insurance is important for musicians as it protects them if a claim is made against them. If the worst happens and something goes wrong at one of your gigs or performances, then Public Liability Insurance would cover you against any claim made. It’s also important to remember that most venues will ask musicians if they have their own Public Liability Insurance before letting them play, and may even cancel if you don’t have the right cover. It’s always best to check what cover you need before you play.

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Premium options (per year) Public liability cover (per claim) Personal accident cover (per claim)
£36.98 £1 million £10,000
£68.68 £2 million £10,000
£132.08 £5 million £10,000
Our Public Liability & Personal Accident insurance is only available in the UK.
View or download our latest Public Liability & Personal Accident Cover Terms and Conditions.

Public Liability is also known as third party liability and personal liability. This protects you against the cost of a claim if someone is injured, hurts themselves or damages property while you are using your equipment or instruments. We offer three levels of cover; £1 million, £2 million or £5 million.

Personal Accident Insurance covers you if you’re injured while using your instrument or any piece of entertainment, lighting or sound equipment. Our policy provides £10,000 worth of personal accident cover with each level of public liability. You’ll be able to claim for any of the below defined events: £5000 Payment: Loss of limb/sight/auditory power (hearing), £10,000 Payment: Permanent total disability or Death.

You need to be over 18 to take out an insurance policy. Anyone under the age of 18 will still be insured while using the instrument, as long as they have it with the (18+) policyholder’s permission.
You should insure your instrument for the amount it would cost to replace. If you’re not sure how much your instrument is worth, it’s a good idea to have it valued by a professional. You’ll probably be able to get a written valuation easily from your local musical instrument retailer or repairer. We recommend doing this regularly to make sure you’re not under insured or overpaying for your policy.
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January 2020 
The whole process was straight forward and quick to complete and very affordable. Really appreciate that this service is so readily available. Thank you.
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January 2020

I found our telephone operator very helpful, informative and comforting at a very stressful time with the breakage and Covid-19. 


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