Musicians Personal Accident Insurance 

Dedicated cover providing lump sum or weekly payments in case you are injured in an accident.
Our Personal Accident cover is available for either individuals or all members of a band or ensemble. Cover starts at under £9 a year.

Our Musicians Personal Accident cover provides lump-sum payments up to £30,000 in case of your death or permanent disablement, or weekly payments up to £1500 a month+ in case of you are unable to undertake your normal paid musical activities following an accident.

Our policy not only covers accidents that happen while you are using musical instruments & equipment, but also accidents that happen at home or, if you are a part-time musician, during your non-musical role, during the period of the policy++. Our cover also provides a range of other benefits including adaptation to instruments following an accident, independent financial advice, physiotherapy and counselling support.

We offer two cover levels, and our pricing is based on how often you perform so if you work less, you pay less, while being able to choose the level of cover that you think would suit you best.+++

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  Level 1 Level 2

Permanent total disablement or death

Total loss of hearing

Total loss of sight

Permanent loss of speech

Permanent loss of a limb

Partial loss of sight

Partial loss of hearing

Dental coverage

Temporary total disablement from your
paid musical activities - Weekly payments
after 2 weeks up to 12 months*








£250 emergency relief of pain

Up to £750 per month









£1,000 emergency relief of pain

Up to £1,500 per month


Our cover provides up to £1,000 to adapt your musical instrument following permanent or temporary disablement as a result of an accident, helping you to keep playing.
Our cover provides up to £1,000 to pay for physiotherapy to help you recover from your accident as part of a claim
Our cover provides up to £500 to pay for independent financial advice as part of a claim, helping you get back on your feet and deal with the impact of an accident. You can chose your own advisor or we can help you find one.
Our cover provides up to £1,000 to pay for counselling to help you or your loved ones move on from an accident or bereavement associated with a claim. We will also help find a councillor.
Our cover provides up to £500 to repair or replace your glasses if they were damaged in the accident.

Up to £500 to help cover expenses you incur returning home from a hospital.

Up to a further £500 to help cover the cost of your immediate family visiting you in hospital.

View or download our latest Public Liability and Personal Accident Cover Terms & Condtions.

+Weekly benefit is payable up to 52 weeks, after an initial period of two weeks which must pass before payment for temporary total disablement begins. Proof of previous earnings is required in the event of a claim. Maximum benefits payable are based on cover level chosen.

++ Any claim arising out of or consequent upon or contributed to directly or indirectly in any way caused or contributed to by the following, is excluded (see our terms & conditions for full details):

·       Your participation in any sports activities or recreational or competitive cycling on or off road, use of motorised vehicles, yachts or other waterborne craft, airborne craft drones animals or firearms.

·       You taking illegal drugs, or non-prescribed drugs for recreational purposes or taking drugs prescribed for your drug addiction or alcoholism

·       You serving in the Armed Forces of any Nation or International Authority,

·       Suicide, attempted suicide or intentional self-inflicted injury, or deliberate exposure to danger (except to save a human life)

·       Your own Criminal acts

·       You being in a state of insanity

·       War, terrorism,

Disablement or death caused by sickness or illness is not covered.

+++ You will be asked to tell us how often you perform or are otherwise active in public. You must keep your policy up to date if this changes.