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Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) System Inspection Services

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Every year, around 12,000 lung disease deaths are linked to substances inhaled at work. From fume cupboards in schools and colleges, to spray booths in car garages, your LEV equipment is crucial to protecting employees from hazardous dusts, fumes, mists and gases – any failure can have serious, life-altering consequences.

To ensure your equipment is working effectively at all times, our thorough LEV inspections cover every component to identify potential faults. With nationwide coverage and expert knowledge of LEV technology, we are here to help you secure the safety of your team and compliance with COSHH regulations.

Our expert engineer surveyors can carry out full inspections of your LEV systems as a regular service.

  • Provision of periodic Thorough Examination and Testing (TExT) of your LEV systems.

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LEV Equipment Inspection Services FAQs

Many working environments constantly produce hazardous substances into the air, including:
  • metallic dust and coolant mists in metalworks
  • welding fumes from workshops
  • car exhausts and spray paint in garages
  • food dust in manufacturing plants and storage
  • fumes from oil and gas refineries.

Local Exhaust Ventilation systems (or LEV systems) reduce the threat of airborne contaminants at work, capturing emissions at the source and either transporting them to a safe area, or filtering out harmful particles. This makes the air cleaner and workspaces safer for your employees.

Without LEV equipment, these hazardous substances can endanger the health and safety of your teams – from respiratory illnesses and asthma, to fatal lung diseases. Regular inspections by trusted professionals are essential to ensuring your LEV systems are in efficient working order.

Our engineering surveyors are highly accomplished in the examination and testing of LEV and extraction systems. As part of our approach, we will:

  • Visually examine your systems for any damage or defects, focusing on the hood, ducting, air cleaner, fan and discharge points.
  • Run operational checks to confirm systems are working effectively and that airflow indicators are functional.
  • Measure the airflow across the system so it meets design criteria.
  • Conduct Thorough Examination and Testing (TExT), assessing your LEV systems against its original performance benchmarks.

LEV systems are examined under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations. This law requires you to control substances that are hazardous to the health of your employees in any working environment by:

  • identifying any potential health hazards
  • carry out risk assessments to determine how to adequately control these hazards
  • provide control measures to reduce risk of harm, such as LEV systems.
COSHH regulations state that you must maintain your LEV systems and arrange periodic thorough examinations and testing. This certifies that your equipment is protecting your workforce and stops you from breaching COSHH, which is punishable by an unlimited fine.

LEV systems capture airborne contaminants at their source and either filter these to return fresh, clean air into the workspace, or release it safely into the atmosphere.

This is possible due to several vital components:

  • The hood, that initially captures the contaminants.
  • Ducting, that transports the unclean air away from the source.
  • The air cleaner or air filter, which removes the contaminants from the air.
  • The fan, that generates the airflow for the system.
  • The discharge point, where the cleaned air is safely released.
If you'd like to know more about LEV equipment, we recommend checking the HSE guidance on these systems.

LEV systems should be inspected by a ‘competent person’. This is someone with expert knowledge and understanding of this equipment.

Furthermore, a competent person should not be the same person who performs routine maintenance on your equipment – it must be from an independent, impartial source.

The extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of our engineer surveyors means we can inspect your equipment to these high standards.

If your LEV system fails a test or inspection, repairs or replacements should be performed as necessary. Following our inspection services, we will recommend what actions you should take to resolve any problems and make sure your equipment is COSHH compliant.

According to HSE, thorough examinations are a systematic and detailed assessment of your LEV equipment and its safety-critical parts, carried out by a competent person and compiled in a written report. This report will include:

  • The examination to date.
  • The date of the next examination.
  • Any defects found that could pose a danger to people.

Under HSE guidelines, you should schedule thorough examination and testing of LEV equipment at least every 14 months. As experienced professionals with a complete understanding of LEV equipment, we are perfectly placed to assess the technical performance of your equipment.

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Plant/Equipment Type Applicable Legislation Periodicity of Inspection
Fume Cupboard COSHH 14 months
Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Systems COSHH 14 months
Shot Blast Cabinets COSHH New casting: 1 month
Abrading metal: 6 months
All other: 14 months
Spray Booths COSHH 14 months
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