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Storage Tanks Inspection Services

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Storage tanks are crucial in numerous industries, containing vital products that keep the economy moving. Whether you store oil, gas, chemicals or any other hazardous materials, ensuring the long-term safety and reliability of these containers is more than beneficial – it is essential.

From specialist visual inspections to detailed non-destructive testing (NDT), you can rely on our  nationwide expertise to confirm the stability of your industrial assets for the long term.

Working nationwide and across all industries, we can provide our storage tank inspections to help you and your business remain compliant.

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Storage Tank Inspection Services FAQs

A storage tank is a vessel used to store or contain liquids, gases or substances in a controlled way. These materials can be toxic or flammable or may be affected by environmental conditions.

There are many types of storage tanks – fuel storage tanks, oil tanks, diesel storage tanks, water tanks – made from a wide range of materials, from carbon and stainless steel, to high-density polyethylene and glass-reinforced plastic.

Our complete understanding of both underground and above-ground storage tank inspection requirements makes us the perfect partner to ensure the safety and compliance of your systems.

We start with an initial on-site risk assessment, also known as a Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), to identify immediate problems. From here, we deliver a comprehensive Written Scheme of Examination (WSE), outlining what you must have inspected, how frequently and the inspection procedure.

Then, working in accordance with your WSE, we inspect and test the condition of your storage tanks. Ranging from a visual internal and external, to non-destructive testing (NDT) that detects the most hard-to-see weaknesses, we cover all bases to ensure your equipment and materials are safe and compliant with regulations.

Depending on your types of storage tanks, how they are used, and the materials they contain, you could fall under a range of regulations, including:

Complying with these regulations is crucial to the health and safety of your workforce and the wider environment. Breaches not only place your teams at risk, but can be punishable by significant fines or even imprisonment.

With extensive experience in both above-ground and underground storage tank inspections, we help you understand what regulations you face and achieve long-term compliance.

As storage tanks often contain liquids, vapours and volatile materials, corrosion or erosion to tank interiors and exteriors is a very real risk. 

Over time, this deterioration can form holes and breaches in your storage tanks, allowing the substances inside to leak out. This can greatly endanger the health and safety of people in the vicinity, spark accidents that threaten your facilities, and cause harm to the environment.

Too much damage can also cause your tanks to become unstable and burst under pressure, resulting in catastrophic leaks and major accidents. Overfilling containers can also cause leaks if you don’t leave enough room for the expansion of liquids at different temperatures.

Major problems that can arise due to the failure of your storage tank components include:

  • Your employees suffering serious injury or illnesses.
  • Fires inside your premises.
  • Production processes slowing or breaking down.
  • Damage to the environment.
  • Financial losses due to loss of production.

Our rigorous tank inspection procedures work to ensure you never face these consequences and enjoy complete peace of mind over the safety of your storage tanks.

Any organisation that needs to store large quantities of dangerous substances can be subject to tank maintenance and inspection requirements. Companies we provide our tank integrity testing services to include:

  • chemical and pharmaceutical plants
  • petrochemical factories
  • cosmetic and fragrance facilities
  • plastic and steel manufacturers
  • oil and gas refineries
  • food and beverage manufacturers.

Beyond being a legal requirement, regular storage tanks inspections can be highly beneficial for your business:

  • They detect defects that could potentially endanger the lives of your workforce if left unresolved.
  • They give you total peace of mind that your hazardous materials are fully contained.
  • They help to maintain the efficiency of your production processes, ensuring no downtime or costly breaks.

From oil tank inspections to testing reactor vessels, our storage tank inspectors are fully committed to helping you maximise workplace safety.

The EEMUA stands for the Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association, an organisation that provides valuable guidance on the service, inspection and maintenance of industrial assets, including storage tanks.

Their publication EEMUA 159 is regarded as the most complete users’ guide on above-ground vertical, cylindrical, steel storage tanks, and is used globally by regulators as a display of best practice.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is one of the most crucial techniques in the inspection and testing of storage tanks. As many storage tanks are expensive to produce, NDT allows inspectors to assess the quality and integrity of these containers without causing any damage.

NDT can range from a simple visual inspection, to more remote, tech-driven approaches that identify weaknesses invisible to the naked eye, and allow users to safely inspect vessels filled with hazardous or volatile materials without emptying the tanks.

Visit our dedicated NDT page to learn more about how we carry out this service.

With unrivalled expertise in both underground and above-ground tank inspections, you can trust us to assess the safety of your
vessels and make you aware of any potential faults. As the largest independent provider of inspection services in the UK,
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