Construction Select

Flexible liability limits up to £25m depending on your customer’s needs.
Standard limit of indemnity of £5m, with higher limits available.
Limits and descriptions tailored to your customer’s requirements.
All risks cover for owned/hired in plant anywhere in the UK.
For non-negligent damage to property while undertaking a building contract.
To protect your customer’s assets, legal liabilities, revenue and employees.

Domestic and commercial builders involved with construction, alteration, maintenance, redevelopments or refurbishments using traditional and innovative design and systems.

Building completion and finishing trades and skilled specialists in allied trades
Such as bricklayers, tilers, metal workers, shop fitters and electricians.


Civil Engineering

Companies that undertake contracts involving ground work, utilities or transport infrastructure as well as structural engineering.

These are our preferred types of risks but we’re happy to discuss other cases too.
Access all policy wording and other documentation. 
Pick and choose relevant policy sections for bulk download.
Construction Select provides flexible insurance with key engineering, property, liability and speciality covers all under one policy.
Claims handling centres for property, casualty and engineering claims ensuring customers get expert support when they need it most.
Underwriters with comprehensive industry knowledge and technical expertise for both new and renewal business.
We can provide a range of inspections, helping to keep businesses safe and compliant, either on a contract basis or as one off inspection for plant and machinery.

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