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Allianz Engineering, Construction & Power releases

Latest inspection defects data

Posted: 28 March 2019
Allianz Engineering, Construction & Power has released new engineering inspections data which found 16% of inspected escalators and moving walkways had a defect which could pose a potential risk to life.
"Just one of these defects could lead to a serious injury or even loss of life for those using the equipment."
Glyn Amphlett, Chief Engineer, Allianz Engineering, Construction & Power

The new data revealed that of the items inspected by Allianz Engineering, Construction & Power, most likely to have a defect that may present a risk to safety are:

  1. Escalators & Moving Walkways (16%)
  2. Passenger / Goods Lifts (15%)
  3. Fork Lift Trucks (7%) / Telescopic Handlers (7%)

While it is encouraging that the overall number of defects being identified in plant and equipment that require immediate rectification remains below 2% this figure still represents over 50,000 items.

Allianz Engineering Construction & Power says the importance of inspections cannot be ignored and must be raised with customers.

Glyn Amphlett, chief engineer for Allianz Engineering, Construction & Power, commented:  "Our inspections data demonstrates that there are certain everyday items, such as escalators and passenger lifts which are used daily by the public, where we still are seeing a high percentage of serious defects.

"Just one of these defects could lead to a serious injury or even loss of life for those using the equipment. There is also the potential of major financial or reputational repercussions for the business involved."

Glyn added: "Brokers can help their clients by stressing the importance of regular maintenance and inspection regimes to help minimise the risk of accidents."

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