Print, Publishing and Media

Exhibitions cover; faulty or defective workmanship; operational errors and omissions; plans, models and drawings; moulds, tools and dies.
Variable limits apply.
Research & development; faulty or defective workmanship; operational errors and omissions; unspecified customers/suppliers; exhibition sites; moulds, tools & dies. Variable limits apply.
Products financial loss; defamation; breach of copyright and confidentiality; first party pollution clean-up costs. Variable limits apply.

We prefer businesses that:

  • are well-established and financially stable
  • have a proactive approach to reporting changes to the risk
  • place a high importance on keeping up to date with legislation and trade issues
  • document HR procedures appropriately
  • want a long-term partnership with both their broker and insurer.

These are preferred types of risk - but we're happy to discuss other cases too:

  • publishing of books
  • newspapers and journals
  • bookbinding and finishing
  • digital media
  • plate making
  • screen printing
  • lithographic.
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Pick and choose relevant policy sections for bulk download.
Free cover extensions across core property and liability sections, specifically designed for print, publishing and media businesses.
Range of optional covers and services including professional indemnity, computer and cyber cover, lift and pressure plant inspections and bespoke engineering consultation. 
Underwriters with comprehensive industry knowledge and technical expertise across property, liability, financial and speciality lines - for both new and renewal business.
A wide variety of resources for health, safety, environmental, cyber security and business continuity matters.

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