Print, Publishing & Media

Our Print, Publishing and Media proposition is tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses within this industry sector and offers additional covers, value added services and risk management for medium sized businesses (premiums between £5,000 – £100,000).

Automatic cover extensions

Trade specific cover extensions, such as Libel and Copyright Infringement, are applied by endorsement at no extra cost.

Local underwriters

Experienced local underwriters in our branch network.

Dedicated claims handlers

Claims helpline – available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Cover highlights

Cover Enhancements
The following cover extensions will be automatically included free of charge is the relevant section is operative:
Material Damage
  • Exhibitions cover – £50,000 limit within UK, £25,000 limit within EU (FLEA)
  • Faulty or defective workmanship – £25,000 limit in excess of first £10,000
  • Operational errors and omissions – £25,000 limit in excess of first £10,000
  • Plans, models and drawings – £250,000 limit within UK, £100,000 limit within EU (optional – print only)
  • Moulds, tools and dies – £100,000 limit within EU (optional – print only).
Engineering extensions
  • Breakdown and accidental damage cover for machinery (e.g. lifts and escalators) – limit of liability £500,000
  • Business interruption cover following breakdown or accidental damage to machinery – limit of liability £50,000.
Business Interruption
  • Research and development costs – £250,000 limit
  • Faulty or defective workmanship, ‘buy-back’ cover included – £25,000 limit in excess of the first £10,000 of any claim
  • Operational error and omission – £25,000 limit in excess of the first £10,000
  • Unnamed customers, suppliers and contract sites – 10% or £250,000 limit in UK (whichever is the less), £100,000 in EU (optional – print only)
  • Exhibition sites – £50,000 limit within UK, £25,000 limit within EU (FLEA) (optional – print only)
  • Moulds, tools and dies – £50,000 limit within UK, £25,000 limit within EU (FLEA) (optional – print only).
  • Public and Product Liability/Media Liability
  • Protection for liabilities to visitors or customers using your client’s premises or goods sold. Typical limits of indemnity are £2,000,000 – £5,000,000 with potential to increase up to £25,000,000.

In addition, the following extensions are automatically included free of charge: 

  • Products financial loss – £100,000 limit
  • Defamation – libel and slander cover up to a limit of £50,000*
  • Breach of copyright and confidentiality – infringement of third party intellectual property rights, up to a limit of £50,000*
  • Environmental clean-up costs – £1,000,000 limit, £5,000 deductible (optional – print only). 


*These covers are only available under this policy if the client does not have Professional Indemnity cover in place already.

Risk appetite

Preferred Trades

  • Print publishing (e.g. lithographic, flexographic, rotogravure and screen printing)
  • Design and pre-press activities (e.g. typesetters and plate makers)
  • Finishing services (e.g. folding, cutting, binding and stitching)
  • Fulfilment services (e.g. packing, storing and distributing)
  • Digital publishing (e.g. creating websites, sourcing/creating e-content and posting content)
  • Post production services (e.g. video editing)
  • Media marketing agencies (e.g. advertising agencies, market research, PR and digital marketing).

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