Professional Services

Our Professional Services proposition is tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses within this sub-sector and offers additional covers and risk management services for medium sized businesses (premiums between £5,000 £100,000).

Automatic cover extensions

Trade specific cover extensions are applied by endorsement at no extra cost.

Free Disaster Recovery Protection

Help your clients get back up and running in the event of an incident.

Dedicated claims handlers

Claims helpline – available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Cover highlights

Professional Indemnity
  • Lost documents £250,000 limit
  • Court attendance cover sums insured for court attendance up to £500 per person, per day for any principal, partner, member or director, and to £250 per person per day for any employee.
Material Damage
  • Exhibitions cover £50,000 limit within the UK, £25,000 limit within the EU (FEA)
  • Full theft during business hours 
  • Plans, models and drawings – £250,000 limit within UK, £100,000 limit within EU
  • Fine art, antiques and collectibles – up to £250,000 limit
  • Partners, directors and employees personal effects – whilst outside the insured premises, up to a limit of £2,500 per person.
Engineering Extension:
  • Breakdown and accidental damage cover for machinery – limit of liability £500,000
  • Business interruption cover following breakdown and accidental damage of plant and machinery – limit of liability £50,000.
Business Interruption
  • Research and development costs £250,000 limit
  • Unnamed customers and suppliers £250,000 limit in UK, £100,000 in EU
  • Accidental failure of supply £100,000 limit
  • Additional increase in cost of working £50,000 limit
  • E-risks covers recreation of computer media and additional expenditure losses:
    £25,000 limit for virus and hacking
    £5,000 limit for seek and destroy
Employer's Liability
  • Personal accident cover – benefits of up to £10,000 paid for an accidental bodily injury occurred at work resulting in death or disablement.
Business Travel
  • Medical emergency travel expenses for up to 30 trips – £1,000,000 limit within the EU
  • Medical expenses and associated covers for up to 30 trips – £1,000,000 limit.


Risk appetite

  • Architects 
  • Accountants excluding those involved with tax mitigation/tax avoidance work
  • Consulting engineers
  • Management consultants
  • Estate agents
  • Advertising, marketing and PR consultants
  • Market research
  • Recruitment consultants

These are our preferred types of risks but we’re happy to discuss other cases too.


Why choose Allianz?

Experienced local underwriters
Efficient and experienced claims service and access to our claims helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For clients with Allianz Legal Expenses cover in place, free or discounted legal and tax advice in relation to their business via a range of online and telephone services.

Risk Management
FREE guidance via our Allianz risk management website, featuring: 

  • Sector-specific risk management advice
  • Business impact assessment tool
  • Specially negotiated rates from our preferred suppliers providing access to risk management products and services, such as: 
    - Praxis 42 – health and safety advice
    - SESS – racking and shelving safety inspection services
    - Glen Abbot – supply chain risk assessments
    - Hilti – passive fire protection
    - SWS UK – physical security solutions

5 Key trends

The professional and business services (PBS) sector plays an important role in supporting jobs and growth in the UK, making up 13% of all UK employment, 25% of all businesses and adding £190bn to the economy.

Like most industries the PBS sector is evolving, influenced by a number of macro environmental factors, not least the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit. We take a look at five key trends shaping Professional Services today, and consider how the sector may look in the future as a result.

  1. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic

  2. Technology

  3. Cyber threats

  4. A changing workforce

  5. Brexit

person speaking on telephone
Protects company directors, officers and managers from claims arising protecting them against claims that may occur from their decisions and actions taken within the scope of their regular duties. 
Person writing on paper
Covers the legal liability arising from a third party claim as a result of professional negligence.
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