Allianz Legal Services 


Large scale restructures and legal battles can arise, and for most small businesses it's tricky to know what to do.

But our customers don't need to be legal experts, because we are!


We can help ease the stress and financial burden of managing legal matters with Allianz Legal Services.

Our legal advisors provide customers with free legal and tax advice, along with access to a variety of
free and discounted legal services. 

Paying solicitors to prepare legal documentation could leave customers out of pocket.
Allianz Legal Services will save customers time and money:

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Item Solicitor Fee

Settlement agreement

Directors service agreement

Consultancy agreement 

Employee handbook

Employment agreement

Employment statement

Non-disclosure agreement

Partnership agreement

Stakeholder agreement










Total £5,105
(Research conducted between April 2018 and December 2019, and reconfirmed in 2022 by Epoq Legal Ltd. Cost savings calculated by mystery shopping law firms in eight major UK regions, for comparable documents to those offered on the Allianz Legal Online (powered by Epoq) website. Costs shown exclude VAT. Figures have been rounded to the nearest £5.)
Running a business has its challenges, managing legal issues doesn’t have to be one of them. dummy Allianz Legal Online helps customers to be legally compliant and avoid costly legal fees. It provides access to:
Over 100 legal templates
Such as employment contracts and tenancy agreements.
Safe storage of legal contracts
Cloud storage for the business' legal documents.
Easy-to-use law guide
Written by lawyers to help businesses understand terminology and processes.
Monthly legal bulletins
To help customers keep up-to-date with their legal obligations.
TALK Legal

With Talk Legal customers will always have a professional on hand for free legal and tax advice, and our crisis communication service will help them to respond confidently should the worst happen.

Customers with Legal Expenses cover* can access:

Undisputed debt recovery
Legal action by specialist commercial solicitors to recover undisputed debts over £250
Solicitor employment support
Assistance with a redundancy programme or guidance on pursuing an internal disciplinary
Uninsured commercial legal action
Action for any commercial matter that’s not covered by the customer's legal expenses policy
Crisis communication services
Best practice advice on creating plans with a review of existing policies and media training**

+ To access these services, from DWF LLP, policyholders should phone 0344 873 7371 and quote their master policy number detailed in the insurance schedule.

** To access DWF LLP's crisis communication services, policyholders should phone 0800 197 9768 and state they're an Allianz customer.

Example scenarios
Sarah is an office assistant who is responsible for the storage of all contracts in the office (employment, client, contractors, etc.). She wants to digitalise their storage locations and, while doing so, conduct an audit to ensure they’re all fit for purpose.

ALS might help Sarah complete a contracts audit as she could:

  • access CLICK Legal and conduct a legal health check to ensure they have the correct legal documents and processes in place - if she’s doing an audit, she might as well see what else needs to be done at the same time
  • upload and store a digital copy of the business’s contracts on CLICK Legal’s secure storage facility
  • confirm her contracts and documents are drawn up correctly by comparing them to our best practice templates
  • call Lawphone and run through her contract needs.

Sam runs a residential construction firm. He’s recently completed a project for which he was to be paid in three instalments. Shortly before the third payment was due, the client asked Sam’s builders to leave the property on the grounds that they’d stained the patio with paint and left rubbish on the premises.

The client is now refusing to give the final payment. 

He needs the money to fulfil outstanding invoices from the build and he’s decided to make a claim.

ALS might help Sam with the debt recovery process as he could:

  • access CLICK Legal use our law guide to update his knowledge on the correct debt recovery process
  • use our debt recovery document templates to ensure that he’s acted in accordance with the law
  • call Lawphone to discuss the matter and, if it's thought Sam has a strong case, start the motions of making a claim
  • carry out the business legal health check to see if he needs to change his contracts for the future.

Justine owns a bus company which services local schools. Recently, one of her drivers took a bus full of children down a country lane into deep flood water and the vehicle had to be evacuated and abandoned.

The company is now being investigated by the local council who are threatening to end Justine’s contract, as the driver allegedly went through a 'road closed' sign. She's also having to deal with the driver's suspension, which is meaning other contracts aren't being fulfilled, cash flow is reduced, and she's having to work overtime to make up for his absence.

ALS might help Justine while they're under investigation as she could:

  • call Lawphone to get advice about her obligations to satisfy the local council and on fulfilling other contracts, and to be referred for help preparing her defence case if she's taken to court.
  • complete the free legal health check, review her business’s health and safety policy and, if needed, create a new one using our template
  • read about the correct debt recovery procedures within our law guide and sign up to our monthly legal bulletins.
  • use DWF’s crisis communication services to help deal with any negative press coverage.
Lawphone for brokers
Available 24/7/365 to support our broker’s business, Allianz Legal Protection can provide legal advice on business related matters, including: 
  • employment matters
  • debt recovery
  • contract disputes 
  • property disputes 
  • advice on intellectual property 
person on phone
This benefit is exclusively available to invited to brokers. If you’re a selected broker, please refer to the terms and conditions and have the policy number provided ready before calling.

Obtaining legal advice on behalf of customers is explicitly excluded.

The below is intended only as a guide. Please confirm with your insurance broker.