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Product Changes and enhanced
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Published 18 February 2022
  • We’re the UK's No. 1 musical instrument insurer and have been providing insurance for musicians since 1960. Today, we insure over 70,000 musicians, from beginners to internationally renowned artists. In addition to our insurance policies, we also actively support musicians and the music industry, this has only been heightened through the pandemic.
  • Covid-19 impacted different sectors in different ways, and the arts sector was challenged massively. It was important to all of us at Allianz Musical Insurance to support the music industry and do what we could to support musicians during this difficult time. We made donations, totalling £600,000, to Help Musicians’ Coronavirus Hardship Fund, Help Musicians, Music Venues Trust and Volunteer It Yourself. These organisations were able to use our donations to support their own initiatives, providing support to musicians and venues throughout the UK at a time of huge uncertainty and instability.
Our commitment to the industry is further extended by supporting a number of other organisations and partners in the industry, including our sponsorship of Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra which has helped them in their tireless work and dedication in challenging barriers to high-quality music for all. 
As we now move forward and face a different world together, we’ve reviewed our products to see where we can support and add value for our new and existing customers. We’re delighted to announce our extended and improved Personal Accident cover and Public Liability cover, along with changes to our Music Protect product. This continues our commitment to providing an industry leading level of service and cover for musicians at all levels. Improvements include:
  • Enhanced hire and loss flexibility for the Music Protect product
  • Additional benefits added to our Personal Accident and Public Liability cover
  • Increased levels of cover for Public Liability - up to £10m
  • Greater choice of Personal Accident cover, with 2 levels available
  • Wider range of benefits to our Personal Accident cover
  • Improved flexibility in tailoring our cover options to meet your needs
  • Combined or standalone options for Music Protect, Public Liability and Personal Accident
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Music Protect policy holders will now be covered when an insured item is entrusted to a retailer/repairer for sale and that business fails. This can result in their inability to recover an instrument or the proceeds of its sale. This can be very frustrating and impactful to customers affected and this improvement has been made to give musicians confidence and safeguard them against such events.

We’ve also increased the allowance to hire instruments in the event of a claim. Sometimes it takes time to find replacements due to stock availability, customisation requirements or just finding the right instrument for you. Our customers can now claim hire costs for up to 20% of their instruments value, or up to £3,000 in total, to ensure you can keep working, playing, rehearsing and enjoying making music. You don’t even need to say why you need a hired instrument.

Additional cover has also been added to pay for repairs to the damage caused to the premises where the item was stolen from, up to £300, along with cover for damage to your instrument due to a one off sudden change in climatic or atmospheric conditions.

We’re excited to be able to offer an improved Public Liability policy, available as standalone cover, or in combination with our Personal Accident and Music Protect products. Previously, you would have needed to be a Music Protect policy holder to take this out. This change will help us to support bands, ensembles, solo artists, teachers and more when they are undertaking musical activities.

Our Public Liability cover will support you while you are performing, rehearsing, auditioning and also includes cover for music production activity such as editing, composing, mastering and recording. For performers, this will cover you for loading and unloading you musical equipment/instruments, during set up and pack down and the performance itself. If you’re a teacher, you will be covered at your home/premises, your student’s home or a public place.

Additionally, we’ve added a £10m level of Public Liability giving you a choice of 4 levels of cover from £1m-£10m and we cover activity in the UK and Europe.

Our extended and improved Personal Accident policy is also now available as standalone cover, or in combination with our Public Liability and Music Protect products. This has been completely re-developed to provide cover for accidents occurring 24/7. This doesn’t just cover accidents that happen as a result of musicians using their instruments, it also covers accidents happening during the course of normal daily activities, even most non-musical day jobs (with certain exceptions*). 

Amongst a number of new cover extensions, to provide you with added support following an accident, we’ve added a temporary total disablement benefit, meaning that if an accidental injury prevents you from carrying out your normal musical activities, we will pay a weekly sum to replace lost musical income, up to £1500 a month, paid weekly for up to a year, after an initial period of 2 weeks. These new benefits are all shaped to support you and give you access to valuable resources and advice, helping you to return to your musical activities following an accident or injury. The new benefits also include cover for:

keyboard lesson
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Adaptations to your instruments
  • Optical expenses, to help you replacee your broken glasses
  • Independent financial advice
  • Trauma and bereavement counselling for you
  • Travel to hospital expenses for your family
  • Return to residence for you from hospital

Last year, we added free legal assistance services for our Music Protect policy holders to help support them in their careers and their personal life. These benefits have been added to our Public Liability and Personal Accident policies, ensuring all our policy holders will benefit from access to the legal advice and templates available online.

So there are now even more reasons to entrust insuring your musical instruments with the UK’s leading musical insurance provider. Go to Allianz/ to find out more, and view the full details of these enhancements to our products.