Positive impact of the Help Musicians Coronavirus Hardship Fund

Published 08 June 2021
  • Through the Help Musicians Coronavirus Hardship Funding Scheme alone, (Phases 1- 3) they have been able to generate and distribute £15.5m to over 21,000+ musicians.
  • They have increased their access to mental health services by 40%.
  • In total Help Musicians paid out £8.3m to nearly 16,700 musicians in the first 4 weeks of the crisis, March - April 2020.
  • Recognition of the continued financial crisis, Help Musicians launched the Coronavirus Hardship Fund Phase 2. Where they offered 5 months of support to self-employed musicians who did not qualify for the UK government’s Self-Employment Income Support Scheme or who were experiencing significant financial hardship. They supported over 3,900 musicians during this phase.
  • In November 2020 they opened Coronavirus Hardship Funding Phase 3. In total, 3,603 musicians successfully applied and received financial support during this phase at a total cost of £2.6 million.
  • Help Musicians’ work will continue to be shaped by the ongoing needs of musicians impacted by the pandemic and the challenges that they face in re-building their careers. As the music industry starts to open up and musicians get back into work, there are 4 key areas that Help Musicians want to focus on and what we at Allianz Musical Insurance will continue to support:
  • Financial Hardship
  • Mental Health
  • Creative Development
  • Business Skills/Mentoring
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