The risk of being a young driver

Posted: 22 March 2019
It’s undeniable! Young drivers are at significant risk when they get behind the wheel. Just look at the statistics:
  • 17 to 24 year olds account 7% of licence holders. On average they drive a lower annual mileage. And yet they account for around 16% of road deaths.
  • Road traffic collisions are the single biggest cause of accidents to young people accounting for approximately 15% of all deaths of young adults.
  • In 2017, 313 people were killed in crashes involving young drivers. Of those 108 were the young drivers, 55 their passengers, and 150 other road users. 
"Young drivers aren’t reckless. They are simply inexperienced."
Tony Newman, Head of Motor Claims, Allianz Insurance plc

One Allianz claims handler attended an event recently and heard from the parent of an 18 year old who tragically lost her life when driving. As a parent himself he was moved by the experience.

Tony Newman, head of motor claims at Allianz said:

"The lady got the ‘knock at the door’ that’s every parent’s worst nightmare. Through my professional life I’m all too familiar with the real life tragedies that cross our desks every day. I’m also aware that a disproportionate number of those tragedies involve young lives and were completely avoidable. Young drivers aren’t reckless. They are simply inexperienced."

Allianz’s own research revealed that 80% of the parents said they were anxious about the safety of young drivers. Parents also said:

  • 73% want a 12 month probationary driving period
  • 68% want the number of passengers restricted after the test has been passed
  • 63% want the driving test raised to 18

Tony added:

"It’s not easy to ask your young son or daughter to remember they are inexperienced drivers and to drive cautiously without sounding preachy. But, a gentle reminder now and then is a very good idea."