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Driver considerations for
fleet managers

Driver readiness

Driver readiness is a key consideration for fleet managers, with this playing a large part in the success of a switch to electric vehicles. As well as ensuring employees are comfortable and confident driving an electric vehicle, it is also essential that fleet managers get their buy-in.

It takes time to get familiar with any new vehicle but moving from a petrol or diesel vehicle to an electric one takes a bit more getting used to than swapping a petrol BMW 3 Series for a petrol Audi A4.

Driver familiarisation

Electric vehicles have different features, functions and performance to petrol or diesel vehicles. For instance, while instant torque delivers differences in performance and power, especially around acceleration, the additional battery weight and regenerative braking mean that stopping distances can be greater.

As well as providing guidance on the differences, driver training can help an employee adjust to an electric vehicle. For instance, DriveTech offers Allianz policyholders discounted electric vehicle transition training courses to teach drivers about the differences between driving an internal combustion engine and an electric vehicle.

Many companies in the fleet market will also offer test drives, especially when a company is changing to electric vehicles. This can help drivers gain experience behind the wheel.

Driver buy-in

Driver buy-in is also essential. This is key to a successful transition and supports safer driving. The simplest way for an employer to achieve a successful transition is to ensure employee engagement is supported and the process is straightforward and attractive to the employee.

Incentives such as offering free electricity for private mileage or using salary sacrifice to deliver tax breaks can help to convince even the biggest electric vehicle sceptic.

Business considerations

Charging considerations

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