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Excess of Loss

Excess of Loss is a top up liability cover designed for a wide range of small, medium and large businesses across a broad spectrum of trades and industries.

Easy to do business with

Easy to trade as we do not require sight of the underlying policy.

Free legal advice

Access to free legal advice online and through our 24/7 helpline.

High capacity and wide trade appetite

We can write up to £50m per line of business.
Further product information is available from our Document Download Centre.
Cover highlights

Excess of Loss insurance provides a business with additional cover above their primary liability policy, providing protection from major incidents that could erode their primary insurance. When the primary insurer may not be able to provide the limit of indemnity required, either through lack of available capacity or appetite, we can top-up their cover to ensure the policyholder gets the protection they need.

Top-up Cover provided

  • Employers' Liability
  • Public and Products Liability
  • Standalone Public Liability
  • JCT 6.5.1.

Key features

  • Indemnity limit available up to £50m for each class of business
  • Contingent covers, including Professional Indemnity and Financial Loss, can also be considered
  • Available on an annual or short-term contract basis
  • Issued as a standalone policy that mirrors the terms and conditions of our Allianz wording
  • Option to issue as a follow-form policy, where our policy mirrors the terms and conditions of the underlying policy, if the underlying wording is provided and acceptable
  • Can follow all authorised EU registered insurers
  • Worldwide cover.


Risk appetite

  • UK based companies with a turnover threshold of £350m (greater turnovers can also be considered).
  • A broad underwriting appetite, including trades that you may not typically associate Allianz with.
  • Overseas exposures acceptable.

Why choose Allianz?

Easy to trade 
We do not require sight of the underlying policy wording

Available through our regional branch network
Through experienced local underwriters

Quick and easy quotation process
Supported by local underwriters with full underwriting authority


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