Business Legal Expenses

Cover for the legal costs associated with defending an employment tribunal, including unfair dismissal award payments.
Cover to pursue or defend a contract dispute with a manufacturer, supplier or customer, including disputed debt recovery.
Covers the cost of legal representation during a HMRC investigation.
Cover for the costs associated with pursuing a claim for nuisance, trespass or property damage. Includes disputes over commercial tenancy agreements.
Cover for the costs associated with an appeal to the relevant licensing authority.
Unlimited access to Lawphone, providing 24/7 legal advice on any business-related matter.
Allianz Legal Online provides an easy to use document creation service, for a variety of legal documents and contracts.
All documents created via Allianz Legal Online can be reviewed and approved by our legal experts at no extra cost.
  • general manufacturing
  • metalwork and precision engineering
  • printing and publishing
  • professional services
  • retail, hospitality and leisure.
At Allianz Legal Protection, we’ve been providing comprehensive legal protection solutions since 1986.
From engineering and manufacturing to retail and office-based trades.

Customers have 24/7 unlimited access to legal advice, on any business-related matter. 
Customers benefit from our easy-to-use online legal document creation and review service. 

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