The sprinkler review for high rise homes and the Worcester Park fire

Posted: 05 September 2019

Our CUO, Neil Clutterbuck responds to the Government announcement made this afternoon.

“People should be able to take for granted that the buildings they live and work in conform to regulations that offer them genuine protection from the risk of fire. We welcome the proposals to install sprinklers in new high rise flats and the potential reduction in building height for implementation. Sprinklers alone do not solve all fire safety issues with regards to high rise flats however, and it’s important that all other aspects of risk management are recognised too. From various methods of construction used for new builds through to updating and managing older buildings there is still much for the Government, professional bodies, trade organisations and insurers to monitor and act upon. The creation of a new Protection Board signals the continuing importance of this topic.”

Commenting specifically on the Worcester Park fire, he added:

“This fire clearly shows why it’s important for smaller properties to be brought into scope for the new regulations on sprinkler installation. It’s also reported that the building was a timber frame construction where we know fires can take hold very quickly and pose a threat to life as well as cause extensive damage.”