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Allianz Musical Insurance makes significant pledge to the Help Musicians’ Coronavirus Hardship Fund

Posted: 9 February 2021


The various national lockdowns have turned once bustling and thriving music venues across the country into desolate, abandoned halls. Halls that are begging to be filled with fans and music lovers to return.

 But until then, musicians have had to resort to teaching or hosting concerts from their own home, for a much lower fee than what they are used to, and sometimes even for nothing.

Allianz Musical Insurance is committed to supporting musicians and the music industry during these tough times, and so has made the donation to the Help Musicians’ Coronavirus Hardship Fund to enable this inspiring charity to help more musicians in need. 

For 100 years, Help Musicians has provided help, support and opportunities to empower professional musicians, at all stages of their lives and careers. The charity recognised that the pandemic would impact the tens of thousands of UK musicians who work on a freelance basis and so set up its Hardship Fund, which has been able to generate and distribute £15m to over 21,000 musicians so far.


Sarah Kirkham, head of Allianz Musical Insurance, said: “We’re extremely proud to support Help Musicians and their goal to empower musicians in need. We understand that many musicians are struggling during these tough times, and we’re pleased to support the music industry with our donation to the Coronavirus Hardship Fund. We hope this donation will help this inspiring charity to continue to provide support to those who need it.

“Covid-19 has impacted different sectors in different ways, and as there has been less activity in certain areas, there has been a knock-on effect to insurance performance. As a result, Allianz believes it is important to provide support to your industry at this difficult time.”

Neil Clutterbuck
James Ainscough, Help Musicians chief executive, said: "Musicians face many unique challenges in their lives and careers, but the impact of Covid-19 is unlike anything Help Musicians has seen in its 100-year history. The level of support needed is vast, and while we’ve been in the privileged position to provide 20,000 with Financial Hardship funding, our work is far from over. As an independent charity, it is only through generous donations from musicians and music lovers that we are able to continue our work. We’d like to thank Allianz for their vital donation, ensuring we can keep taking applications for financial support during this difficult time."
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