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Allianz shows commitment to sustainability by introducing eco-friendly stand at this year’s BIBA conference 

Posted: 10 March 2020

In line with its commitment to build a sustainable future and business, Allianz Insurance is proud to be the first insurer to have a sustainable stand at this year’s BIBA conference.

Working together with Extreme Exhibitions, Allianz has ensured that the stand is as eco-friendly as it possibly can be whilst in transit, at the event and post event.

The stand itself will be constructed from recyclable, recycled and environmentally friendly materials and use battery power. Employees will play their part, by cycling on Kinetic bikes to charge up the batteries to help power the stand.

Transitioning to a greener future takes time and sustainability is a topic that Allianz Group has been championing for many years. The business has been carbon neutral since 2012 and is committed to sourcing 100% of its global electricity needs from renewable sources by 2023. In the UK all Allianz owned buildings have already reached this status.

In 2018 Allianz announced they would be withdrawing from insuring coal-fired power plants or individual coal mines as part of a drive towards a low carbon economy and the Group are founder members of the UN backed Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance. This alliance brings together the world’s largest investors who have all committed to carbon neutral portfolios by 2050.

Allianz has also been at the forefront of renewable products and in the UK Allianz’s renewables suite of products underlines its focus of promoting the commercial use of wind, solar and hydro power.

Simon McGinn, general manager, Commercial & Personal, Allianz Insurance commented:

I am delighted that Allianz is leading the way to ensure that we are creating a more sustainable future as well as having some fun with the concept. After many years of taking part in conferences, we recognise that there is more we can be doing to prevent many materials ending up in landfill. We hope our stance sets us apart and encourages others to think about the changes they can make to be more environmentally friendly.

It’s crucial to make big strides as a business, be that product or investment decisions, but we also need to continually question the decisions we make as individuals within a company to ensure we are securing a sustainable future”.

Post event, all elements will be sent to a local reclamation centre to be recycled again and the flooring will be re-used at future events.

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