What would you not dare to play without? Our top 7 guitar performance essentials

Published 21 June 2016
  • We all know the importance of an accurate and productive soundcheck. Punctuality, communication and responsibility are key. A gig can only be as good as your sound check.
  • As a live performer, you can’t ignore the importance of song order. Like a good movie, a good concert has a good plot. 
  • Whether it’s a pre-concert shepherd’s pie (Rolling Stones), frisbee throw-around (Weezer), or tea-drinking and shirt-ironing (Led Zeppelin), some of the best performers have the weirdest rituals! Go ahead and wear your lucky socks/undies/accessories to your next gig!   
  • We can’t stress the importance of tuning your instrument enough. If your guitar isn’t tuned properly, you’ll sound worse than a drunken cat dragging its nails over a chalkboard! 
  • Guitar strings tend to wear out over time. They lose their tone, feel and become harder to keep in tune. Check your strings before you take to the stage to make sure they’ll last, and even take a spare set on with you in case they accidentally snap. 
  • Keep some in your pockets, stick them with double-sided tape to your guitar, put them on top of your amp or in a tin on your pedalboard.
  • We don’t want to sound like your mum (even though guitar does sound better from a clean room, you know!), but it’s true - practice makes perfect! Even the world’s best musicians devote hours to rehearsals and practice before a big gig.
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