Instrument care and safety 

Published 12 July 2016
  • Use a protective and secure case - Soft cases might be nice and light to carry but don’t provide much protection for your instrument.
  • Keep your instrument at a constant temperature - Avoid long periods of exposure to heat, cold and humidity - any extremes are not good for any instrument. Try not to leave your instrument in direct sunlight, a car boot or anywhere damp.
  • Have an annual check-up with your repairer - Repairers can pre-empt any problems occurring and can also do maintenance work. If you notice any problems with your instrument take it to your repairer rather than attempting to fix it yourself.
  • Get your instrument professionally valued - If you have a valuable instrument you should have it valued at least once every three years. You can then make sure your insurance policy is always up to date so you’ll never lose out.
  • Keep it clean - Wash and dry your hands before playing your instrument. And never eat food before playing your instrument!
  • Don’t apply too much pressure - When putting your instrument together or tuning, don’t apply too much pressure to any keys, joints or pegs as you may bend or damage them. Don’t use excess force even if something is stuck, difficult to assemble, or take it apart - let your repairer sort it out.
  • Clean your instrument regularly - Wipe away dust or moisture from your instrument after every time you play it. This is especially important for wind instruments which will need a pull-through cloth to dry out excess moisture. Keep your instrument clean and it will last longer, play better and be less likely to harbour any nasty bacteria that could make you ill.
  • Don’t risk it - Don’t leave your instrument where it can be knocked over or damaged by people or pets. And don’t ever leave your instrument unattended, you never know when an opportunist thief might strike!
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