Mental Health Top Tips for Musicians

Published 09 April 2021


While competition in the music industry is evident, there is often a sense of community between musicians and no more so than in times of adversity. If you feel unsure about opening up to people you know, there are a number of charities and helplines available.

Be Active

Even a short brisk walk can release endorphins which can increase mental alertness and energy. You could combine exercise with listening to your favourite podcasts and music and getting some fresh air is always good.


This can be tricky for musicians, but everyday habits can help. Try keeping a daily journal and use a to do list to track your achievements. You could also start the day with coffee (it is linked to lower rates of depression) or green tea.


Trying something new can help shift your focus and our creativity and well-being are linked. It could be a musical thing, a new recording technique or a new piece of music or it could be unrelated to music.  Focus on positives and doing what you love, as much as you can.



From laughs backstage to your favourite comedy series, it can all help reduce anxiety. Laughter helps reduce stress hormones and promotes the release of endorphins, the same as exercise.


Stay Positive

Take some time to reflect on why you are doing what you're doing and how far you might have come on your journey. Remember you should be proud that you are in a position where music can be a key part of your life. 



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