Gigging Checklist – things to remember on the road

Published 10 June 2021
  • Did you buy a new instrument or some new equipment in lockdown? Don’t forget to add this to your musical insurance policy to ensure all your gear is protected.
  •  Is the value of your equipment up to date? You should insure your instrument for the amount it would cost to replace it with one of a similar condition and value at today’s price.
  • Keep it clean – As we know Covid-19 has bought lots of new rules and regulations to follow, so it’s important to clean your instruments/equipment regularly. Make sure you’re stocked up with instrument/equipment cleaning products, as well as hand sanitiser.
  • Performing outside? Do you have the right equipment and protection against the British weather? Maybe you and the band can chip in for a gazebo for shelter. It’s best not to expose your gear to the heat, cold or humidity for any long periods of time. Try not to leave your instrument in direct sunlight, a car boot or anywhere damp.
  •  If you're not sure how much your instrument is worth, it's a good idea to have it valued by a professional. If you have a valuable instrument you should have it valued every three years at least.
  • Keep up to date with the latest guidance - take a look at the Musicians Union and ISM for updates. 
  • Don't forget - if you take out an Allianz Musical Insurance policy online you’ll also get two months cover for free!
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