You can pay for your home insurance in monthly instalments by setting up a Direct Debit. It’s not complicated and we’ll explain how to do it when you purchase your policy.

Yes, it’s easy to change the bank details or card you use to make your payments. You can do this yourself online in your Allianz account.

To update your credit/debit card, or the bank details you use to pay for your monthly Direct Debits, just follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Allianz account
  • Select payment
  • Select Direct Debit details for monthly Direct Debit
  • Select card details for card payments
  • Enter the new details and confirm your changes.

You can change your Direct Debit payment date yourself in your Allianz online account.

To update your Direct Debit payment date, just follow these steps:

Once you’ve selected your new monthly payment day, it will take effect from the 2nd or 3rd instalment in your payment plan. You’ll be able to see your updated plan in the payment section of your Allianz account.
When you change your payment day, it can mean one monthly instalment is closer than it would have been to the next one. We have to make sure all payments remain inside your policy term.

Yes, you can pay off your remaining policy premium yourself online in your Allianz account.

To pay off your remaining premium, just follow the steps below:

You can see your payment history in your online Allianz account, just follow these steps:

If your payment fails due to lack of funds, we’ll email you to let you know and try to take payment again six days later. If we’re still unable to collect it, we’ll send another email to let you know how to pay for the missed payment.
If your Direct Debit is cancelled and payment fails, we’ll send you an email with details of how you can pay for the missed payment.
If you have any more questions about Direct Debit in relation to Allianz Home Insurance, please email us and one of us will be in touch to answer your query. 

If you cancel your policy and you have an upcoming payment that’s already been requested, we’ll process your refund 7-10 working days after this payment’s been collected to make sure we return the full amount owed.

If you cancel your policy before your next payment has been requested, we won’t collect future payments and we’ll refund any money owed 7-10 working days after your cancellation date.