To comply with the 4th EU Motor Directive, the UK Government established the Motor Insurance Database. The database records the insurance details of all vehicles within the UK and is managed by the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB).

The Motor Vehicles (Compulsory Insurance) (Information Centre and Compensatory) Regulations 2003 place a legal requirement on fleet and motor trade policyholders to supply accurate and timely vehicle updates to the MID, or else face fines of up to £5,000.

Brokers and policyholders can update vehicle registrations via the Allianz Motor Insurance Database, which automatically updates the MID.

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The date-on is the date on which the current insurance cover started for that vehicle.
Note: Since all policies are renewed yearly the earliest possible on date is the last renewal date.


The derivative of a vehicle is the extra letters that sometimes follow the model of a vehicle. Some examples of the derivative are; Xsi, Gti, L, XL.

‘Immediate load of vehicle data' (within the Act)

DfT’s view was that the requirement to supply data ‘immediately’ would be interpreted by the courts as "the time taken by a person using reasonable efforts". "Reasonable efforts" would vary from case-to-case, but an acceptable range would typically be 10-14 days.

Location code

This field is optional and has been designed to assist clients with subsidiary companies or depots, who would like to record their vehicles under different headings or locations.

Road Registered Indicator

Road registered indicator is simply whether the vehicle is registered with the DVLA to drive on the road.

Single Day Addition

A vehicle which is on cover for only one day.

Using Allianz MID
All vehicle details can be amended except for the vehicle registration number and the date-on. There are two ways to display the details of a vehicle. The first of these two ways is by using the search function on the main current schedule screen . The second method is to double click on the vehicle’s details from the list of vehicles on cover . This brings up the details of that particular vehicle and any amendments can just be typed into the correct field. Once any changes have been input an effective date must be entered. Then once you click submit you should be taken back to the current schedule with a message at the top of the screen saying ‘vehicle details updated successfully’.
If a vehicle is sold the website must be updated to reflect this. The way to take a vehicle off-cover is to amend the date-off to show the date when the vehicle was sold. From the main page entitled ‘Current schedule’ you can click the vehicle’s details from the list of vehicles on cover, or use the quick delete button on the right-hand side of the vehicle schedule. Alternatively you can use the search option if you know the registration.
The fields for the vehicle registration number and the date-on field cannot be changed once submitted. Therefore the only option is to delete the record and re-add it with the correct details. To delete a vehicle the date-off should be set to equal the date-on. A pop up box will appear with the question "Is this a single day addition?" enter "No" and vehicle will be marked as an error and no longer be displayed.
Incorrect policy name or addresses can be changed, but not manually. The user must contact their broker who will in turn contact the underwriter of the policy at the local branch. The branch is the only place where these details can be amended.
The vehicle schedule is supplied by the broker and input onto the system at the local Allianz branch. Therefore any queries should be directed to the broker. If the broker has a query regarding this information then they should contact the local Allianz office.
Yes, updating the MID via the Allianz website does not automatically update the insurance policy. With regards to how a policyholder notifies their broker of additions and alterations, nothing changes. Notifying the MID is a separate issue only necessary to comply with the new 4th EU directive.
Policy holders have a legal obligation to ensure all road registered vehicles (taxed) which are on cover for more than 14 days are registered on the MID. Records must be kept for 7 years of vehicles held for less than 14 days. All trade plates must also be registered on the MID. Fleet policy wordings state that ALL vehicles must be declared to Allianz.
The site should be kept up-to-date within 5 working days of a change to the policy. A change could be an addition, an amendment, deletion and a change or transfer of registration.
This error is stating that the vehicle’s registration mark is not in an acceptable format. The site will only allow the input of valid UK and Northern Ireland formats. There shouldn't be any spaces in the registration. The final thing to check is that the characters are correct, i.e. check whether a '0' should be an 'o' or whether a '2' should be a 'z'.

Yes, you can. You can do this by using the optional location code. This will enable you to locate or sort vehicle data for a specific location or 'All'.

You can split your vehicles up under designated locations by entering ‘Y’ in the location code field. You'll then be able to place a name against the location code 01, 02, etc. The maximum number of locations you can enter is 100.

You can type any name up to 50 characters, for example:

  • 01 Brentford
  • 02 Leeds


  • 01 Fast Shoes Ltd
  • 02 AKS Ltd

When entering a new vehicle for the first time, the field will appear when you enter the vehicle data. New locations can be added as and when required.

You'll need to enter the record for the existing vehicle by double-clicking on the vehicle registration and then by adding a location code.
Simply enter ‘N’ in the location code field and the location data will be deleted.
Simply enter ‘N’ in the location code field and the location data will be deleted.
Yes, you can. Vehicles can be moved between locations by amending the location code on the vehicle data screen.
Current vehicles can be sorted by any of the underlined headings within the table. Click on the required heading and the vehicles will be displayed in ascending order.
Select vehicle for updating and enter the same off date as on date. A pop up box will ask you if this is a Single Day Addition, select no and the vehicle will be marked as an error and removed from your schedule.
Under the policyholder legislation, vehicle updates must be placed on the Motor Insurance Database immediately, however the Department for Transport have said that they would deem 14 days to be acceptable (at the present time). The vehicle update that you processed had more than 14 days between the current date (date entering information) and the effective date (on date, off date, effective date of change) of the update. This resulted in a warning message appearing; Your update will have been processed and sent to the Motor Insurance Database. Please be aware that failure to supply updates in a timely manner can result in fines of up to £5,000.
Vehicle data on the Allianz MID is transferred to the MIB’s MID Database, twice a day Monday to Friday, once on Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, if you add/edit/delete vehicle details on the Allianz MID website, it transfers over to the MIB’s MID database at 12 noon weekdays and then at 23.50 seven days a week.

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Registration/ login

To access your account and update your vehicles, you first need to register with the site. You do this by clicking one of the options under ‘Apply for MID access’ on the first page of the website.

You'll need to enter your:

  • policy number
  • renewal date
  • postcode
  • contact details
  • email address
  • memorable details (to be used as security questions if you phone the MID Helpline for assistance)

The website will then automatically email you your username and password.


The password is case-sensitive and should be a minimum of six characters long with at least one number.

To ensure security of the site, access can only be granted to one person per email address and therefore multiple accesses to a communal email address won't be possible. So that you can manage your account and use the facilities for 'forgotten password', you'll need to have individual access to an email address. Individual access will also provide a full audit trail for all transactions processed.

This error refers to a field where only digits are accepted. If ‘OK’ is clicked on the error message dialog box then the cursor should be returned to the field with the error. Typically, this is the telephone number field, where a hyphen or space has sometimes been entered and rejected.

The policy number will always start with two letters, followed by a forward slash (/), then 8 numbers.

If there are only 7 (e.g. SM/9984563) then a 0 should be added (e.g. SM/09984563).

You can find your policy number on your current policy schedule, certificate of motor insurance or other recent correspondence relating to your motor policy.

The renewal date for a policy can be found on your current policy schedule or your certificate of motor insurance.

The renewal date is the next renewal date, not the last, and therefore should always be in the future. You need to click on the button and select the appropriate date from the calendar that appears.

You need to key in the full postcode that relates to your business address, which has been advised to us.

The postcode we hold on our policy is detailed on your policy schedule and should be entered with a space in it (e.g. SW16 5JL).

Check that you are entering the correct username and password and that there are no spaces in either. They're case-sensitive, so check you don't have caps lock on.

This means that your password has expired and that you've been asked to choose a new password and then confirm it. Your passwords on Allianz MID will expire after 90 days.

You can't enter a previously used password and it must contain a minimum of six characters, including at least one number, and be aware that it's case-sensitive.

Click on "Forgot your password?" underneath the login button and provide one of your memorable details.

You'll receive a new password by email.