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In line with the latest UK government guidance regarding the Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic, we've updated our information and FAQs.

At Allianz we work with a huge variety of businesses and individuals, each exposed to uniquely different risks and dealing with individual challenges and circumstances. The risks faced by businesses don’t stop with COVID-19 and we’re committed to continue providing your customers with the insurance cover they need and purchased, accepting that the nature of their business may still be temporarily changed.

The FCA Test Case Appeal concluded on 15 January 2021. Although Allianz was not a defendant in the case we welcome the clarity the judgment provides and have continued to make payments on claims where we believe there is valid cover. Allianz has contacted all affected customers regarding how the judgment affects their claim.
If you would like to submit a new business interruption claim relating to Covid-19, you can do so online using the following link: 

The Government Job Retention Scheme may provide wage roll payments to employees who are ‘furloughed’ by your customer. Once an employee is furloughed, they’re unable to work in a capacity which either makes a profit or provides a service to the employer. However they’re able to perform activities such as learning and development, volunteering, and the execution of regulatory responsibilities, whilst continuing to remain an employee of your customer. The requirement for Employers’ Liability insurance remains as does the exposure, albeit it’s reduced to non-manual and mental health in nature.

We expect exposure estimates for furloughed employees to be included in wage roll estimates and declarations.

For our mid-corporate products estimates should include furloughed payments as a separate item and will not be charged for during the temporary pause in working.

For our packaged products premium is calculated in a different way. Products which rate on wage roll may be adjusted to capture furlough wage estimates (on an annualised basis) as clerical wage-roll during the temporary pause in working. Products which rate per capita may be adjusted to reflect the actual number of employees not-furloughed through the temporary pause in working down to a minimum of one.

Your customers can find out more about supporting their people on the Allianz COVID-19 resource hub.

The Policy is automatically extended to provide cover for Property (including electronic office equipment) temporarily removed from the Business Premises to the homes of Directors/Partners/Principals/Employees as a result of the restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This cover is provided up to a limit of:

  • £1,500 any one item
  • A maximum of £3,000 at any one Employee's home.

This extension is automatically provided for Property otherwise covered under the Policy and subject to the Policy Wording and Excess in the Policy. The total Sums Insured will be limited to those specified in the Policy Schedule.

Your customers’ Employers’ Liability Policy automatically provides coverage for home working activity. For many businesses this will represent a change to their normal operating procedures, and it’s therefore important to ensure that they continue to comply with relevant legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. The Health and Safety Executive have published their latest information and advice on their webpage with regard to home working, and we request they follow this guidance.

Where your customers’ Public Liability policy doesn’t currently provide coverage for working from home, it’s automatically extended to do so for non-manual activities only

Policies typically cover Business Interruption losses following damage to the Insured’s property - or a nearby property – as a result of specific one-off and localised events such as fire, theft or storm. How the policy will respond to losses caused by the current Government restrictions will depend on both the precise terms and conditions of the policy and the differing rules that apply between areas of the UK.

We’ll work to consider any new claims promptly and fairly, and communicate our decisions as fast as possible. The extension of restrictions to further areas of the UK will impact some customers, who will make new claims for Business Interruption.

Where site surveys can be done in a COVID-19 Secure manner, customer and employee safety remains our highest priority. We’re taking control measures to keep our Loss Control Engineers safe and mitigate the risk of spreading Covid-19. Read our Guide for more information.

Remote surveys

Where our Loss Control Engineers can support your customers and obtain sufficient underwriting information, surveys will be conducted remotely through video or telephone conference calls. To aid these discussions, your customer will be invited to provide information, example documentation and site photos / videos before or during the discussion.

Where a remote survey is completed, a follow-up site visit may be required when circumstances permit.

Site surveys

If a site visit is deemed necessary, this will only carried be out in agreement with your customer. Specific topics such as social distancing, nature of the visit, agenda and timings etc. will be outlined by email ahead of the visit and our Loss Control Engineer will avoid setting up visits that coincide with start / finish times and / or shift changes.

We’ll also request that your customer informs us of any Covid-19 related precautions they’ve implemented that apply during the visit.

You can find more information about the steps we’re taking in our customer guidance. Please share this with your customers.

As we resume inspections and site surveys where they can be done in a COVID-19 Secure manner, customer and employee safety remains our highest priority. The following guidance outlines the additional control measures we’re implementing to keep you, your customers and our employees safe. Please share this with your customers.
If your customer is unable to open for business under Government guidelines, we expect compliance with our policy conditions including COVID-19: Unoccupied Premises. We reserve the right to accept risk or amend our terms and conditions, but we’re committed to demonstrating flexibility where possible. If your customer is unable to meet such conditions due to COVID-19, please inform your usual Allianz contact as soon as possible.
If your customer requires support in these challenging times, please contact your usual Allianz representative to discuss what alternative support we may be able to provide. Under some circumstances an adjustment to the cover required may be available and / or we may be able to assist with deferred payments.

Customers in financial distress

If your customer requires support in these challenging times, please contact your usual Allianz representative to discuss what alternative support we may be able to provide. Under some circumstances an adjustment to the cover required may be available and / or we may be able to assist with deferred payments.

Customer instalments

Following the temporary closure of many of our Allianz offices, we’re taking the following approach for:

  • New applications: we’re continuing to accept instalment applications from customers via our online application form. Please forward the following link to any clients wishing to use this facility We will endeavour to process the application as soon as possible, but please bear with us if there is a slight delay.
  • Enquiries: we’re able to answer instalment related calls on 0330 102 1820 and we are accepting cheques, however there may be a delay in processing theses. Our preferred option at this time would be electronic payments. We’ll answer your call as quickly as possible but you may experience a slight delay and we apologise for any inconvenience this causes. You can also email your instalment enquiries to and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Account statements

If you still receive monthly paper statements and will be unable to obtain these in the current circumstances, please sign up to our online statement solution ARC.

Payment of accounts

Our Credit Management Teams remain fully operational working on a hybrid level and are contactable by phone or by email. Please contact your credit controller via their usual email address and they will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

We can now accept cheques, however there may be a delay in processing these. Our preferred option at this time would be electronic payments (BACS, CHAPS) to the following bank account:

Lloyds Bank City Office. Account Name: Allianz Insurance PLC Sort Code: 30-00-02 Account Number: 00292171

Please ensure that your account number is quoted as a reference.

In the event that construction works are still affected by the ongoing pandemic and have to cease on your customer’s site(s), the Contract Works section of their Allianz Construction Select policy will continue to cover loss or damage to work at closed construction site(s) for a period of up to a maximum of 90 days from the day on which work ceases. Where cessation continues (or is likely to continue) beyond 90 days, please contact us as far in advance as possible to discuss possible options for the continuance of cover.

To help assist your customers with the controlled closure of sites, our unattended construction site document sets out recommended measures to keep sites secure and safe, as well as useful links to further information. Please share this with your construction customers.

Customers who have legal expenses cover from Allianz also have access to our TALK Legal helpline which can provide advice on a wide variety of topics that may be relevant in the current circumstances. 

To help you and your customers find what they’re looking for more quickly, we’ve listed frequently asked questions relating to COVID-19.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, policyholders can call our legal advice line on 0370 241 4140 about any legal matter. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We’re aware that many of your Commercial Motor customers will want to support people in their communities who are impacted by COVID-19, including the NHS Volunteer responder scheme. If your customer or one of their employees uses their company vehicle for voluntary purposes (non-payment) to transport medicine or groceries to support others or for the activities of an NHS volunteer responder, subject to your customer’s permission and any existing conditions (such as driving restrictions), their cover will not be affected. You do not need to contact us to update documents or extend your customer’s cover. Cover will not be affected by the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions planned for 19 July 2021.
If you’re a licenced taxi or private hire vehicle (PHV) driver and have Allianz hire or reward insurance in place, you do not need to contact us to extend your existing cover while driving your insured vehicle to carry parcels, medical supplies, household goods, groceries or takeaway meals during the Covid-19 restrictions.

'Tomorrow', a podcast by Allianz Research

Listen to ‘Tomorrow’, a podcast where Allianz Research discuss the latest analysis of global economic and capital market developments, understand what Covid-19 means for the insurance industry, as well as their views on trends affecting risk management.

In each episode, economists from Allianz Research, including Chief Economist Ludovic Subran, will dive into the details of one of our recent reports, explaining what the findings mean for the global economy, companies, markets and more. 

You can listen to the episodes on Apple MusicSpotifyDeezerGoogle Podcasts and Amazon Music.

For further information for our customers,  suppliers, partners and third parties, plus general information on Allianz’s approach to managing the impact of COVID-19.
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