We’ll give you the best experience possible when we deal with your claim.

This means the whole process is made as simple for you as we can make it. This page gives you an idea of the different groups of people who might be involved in helping to resolve your claim.

Who helps me with my car insurance claim?

When you first call us

When you first tell us about a claim, we’ll get all the information from you so we can tell you what’s going to happen next. We’ll decide who was at fault for the incident and if necessary, tell you what the other driver needs to do next too. Our claims handlers understand you need to get back on the road, so you’ll get decisions quickly.

Roadside rescue

Allianz Partners are there for you if you have an accident and need help at the roadside. They cover all of the UK and Europe for all types of vehicles. They are available 24/7 and aim to be with you inside 60 minutes. They will always provide you with an estimated time for their arrival.

Approved repairer

Our repair partners cover the whole of the UK so you won’t have to go far to use one. When you use our approved repairers, they’ll collect your car the day after you tell us about the incident. They’ll also give you a courtesy car while yours is fixed as standard and their work is guaranteed for five years. There are even more benefits to using our approved repair network which our claim handlers will tell you about.

Mobile repairs

When your car has minor accident damage, we could offer you the option of having it fixed at a time and place that’s right for you. This could be your home or even at work.

Autoglass BodyRepair are a specialised repair company who offer a national repair service. They have a fleet of specially equipped vans and the work they carry out comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Damage inspection

All our engineers have professional qualifications, so their assessments are trusted. They will decide what needs to be done to put your car back on the road. And they don’t just know about your car, they work with a wide range of vehicles including diggers and golf buggies.

Vehicle Valuation Team

Our valuation team will assess vehicles that have been – or could be written off. They work with our motor engineers and claims handlers to give you a fast and fair settlement, which usually takes them no longer than five working days.

If your car does get written off, our salvage team will arrange inspection; categorisation and destruction, all in one place. They do this to make sure that unsafe cars don't back on the road and aren't illegally repaired and resold. We work with Car Transplants Ltd on this, so we can make UK roads safer.

Who helps me with my home insurance claim?

When you first call us

When you first tell us about a claim, we will get all the information from you so we can tell you what’s going to happen next. Our claim handlers have specialised knowledge which helps them to settle your claim as quickly as possible.

Valuing your claim

We might need to appoint a loss adjuster to assess your claim. They’ll not only arrange repairs but place a value on the overall cost, which helps us to settle your claim faster. Loss adjusters are independent professionals who will help you put your home back the way it was before the incident.


To make sure we can help you, we’ve got access to a wide range of specialists who can repair or replace the damaged part of your home. Our team will be there for you if any of these happen.

  • Flooding
  • Fire damage
  • Subsidence
  • Damp
  • Plumbing and electrical
  • Frozen pipes
  • Structural damage

If what happened to your home wasn’t caused by one of these, we might still be able to help you.