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Cyber Select


Dedicated cyber underwriters

Cyber Select is available locally through our branch network and underwritten through our dedicated cyber underwriters.

Access to 24/7/365 incident response helpline 

In case of an actual or suspected cyber security breach, your client will have access to a 24/7/365 hour incident response telephone service.

Standalone comprehensive product

Cyber Select can be purchased standalone or as part of a package.
Cover highlights

Crisis Management

Cover for costs incurred in managing the impact of a suspected or actual cyber incident. In the event of a cyber attack, the priority for a business is to regain control through identification, containment and removal of the threat.

We will cover:

  • Forensic experts – the cost of an IT forensic expert to identify, contain and repair a breach, plus restore the data. They’ll also work with the insured to understand their specific vulnerabilities and proactively manage these in order to minimise the chance of a recurrence.
  • Data Breach Response Costs which include:
     Legal and Regulatory Advice Costs - 
    to advise the insured on their legal and regulatory duties, including any notification responsibilities to third parties and/or the regulator.
     Call Centre Costs –  the cost of operating a call centre to handle enquiries from affected customers and third parties. This provides a separate, dedicated hotline in order to avoid disruption to daily operations. 
    Credit Monitoring Costs – the cost of credit monitoring of affected third parties.
  • Emergency Costs – an emergency fund of up to £100,000 where the insured needs to take urgent action to mitigate a loss but is unable to obtain our written permission. 
  • Reputational Advice Costs – the cost of a consultant to assist with managing any reputational impact including negative media, and helping to protect the insured’s brand.
Risk appetite

Allianz’s broad trade appetite means we can accommodate a wide variety of businesses from SMEs to mid-corporate companies with a turnover of up to £350m. Our sister company Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) caters for larger, global businesses with a turnover above £350m. 
Why choose Allianz?

Long-standing expertise
As part of the Allianz Group we’ve been writing cyber insurance since the emergence of this cover meaning we have long-standing expertise and a solid position in the market. Working with our global experts, we’ve taken our existing knowledge and capability and tailored our offering for the UK SME and mid-corporate market. 

Technical excellence
We’re a stable, solid organisation so you can trust our pricing, our cover and our commitment to paying claims. We’ve designed Cyber Select to be easy to understand, with a succinct question set and simple rating mechanism, whilst also recognising the need for robust post-breach support in the event of a claim.

Cyber understanding
Our local specialist cyber underwriters have been specifically trained to understand the latest cyber trends and threats in order to be able to recommend the most appropriate cover for your clients. In the event of a claim, our claims experts are on hand to guide your client through the journey.

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