Diversity and Inclusion

We recognise the importance of having a diverse, inclusive workforce that is made up of employees from different backgrounds.

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Together we're Allianz.

We believe that the difference in our people makes the difference to our business. We recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion as it gives us a rich variety of perspectives, experiences and talents, and fosters a vibrant environment where every individual feels valued and empowered.

By embracing diversity in all forms - race, gender, age, ability, belief system, sexual orientation and gender identity. We’re being brave and doing what’s right, which helps us better connect with our diverse customers. It helps us to provide accessible products, services and specially tailored solutions for our customers needs.

We are committed to creating a space where everyone counts, where differences are celebrated and where each employee can reach their full potential.

Our culture supports our people to bring their whole, authentic selves to work. We inspire trust and respect others, because we achieve more together. 

Employee networks

Learn more about our employee networks designed to offer support, networking opportunities and a sense of community.

Fair pay and gender

Learn more about our activities in place to
support our commitment to gender equality.


Learn more about our commitment to inclusive recruitment.
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Gender and fair pay

To support equality we must have fair pay. We’re confident men and women are paid equally for doing the same job at Allianz UK. However, we have fewer women in senior roles, which creates a gender pay gap.

Equal pay and gender pay gap both deal with the levels of pay females get at work and are both very important, but they are two different measures.


In 2023, the Allianz UK workforce was 50.8% female and 49.2% male
(for those who identify as a binary gender).

Allianz committed to achieving a minimum of 40% female representation across our management population by 2024.

Currently there is a 40.2% female representation in management grade roles. 

Women in Finance Charter

Allianz Holdings (incorporating Allianz Management Services Ltd and LV General Insurance) is proud to be part of more than 330 firms across the financial services sector who have signed up to the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter – a commitment to gender balance across financial services.  

The introduction of clusters to replace the previous job grades across both companies has enabled a common approach across Allianz Holdings. This includes a new definition of senior leaders across the business. The previous targets of both entities to have 40% female representation in senior roles by the end of 2024 has been extended across Allianz Holdings using the new clusters structure.  

We’re pleased to have achieved 40% female representation in senior roles as of August 2023. 


Economic Dividend for Gender Equality (EDGE) is a renowned external certification and we’re pleased to be globally EDGE certified. In the UK we achieved the ‘Move’ level certification and we are using the detailed EDGE overview to help us achieve the highest level of certification. Our focus on talent management, workplace strategies and a wider diversity and inclusion agenda and culture are all helping us to improve our gender balance.

Our commitment to achieving, maintaining and improving our position against our wider diversity and inclusion ambitions is reflected in our Executive and senior leader quantitative and qualitative performance plans and targets which will be linked to performance related pay.  

Recruitment promise

If you make us aware that you are disabled, and meet the essential skills and experience for a job, we will guarantee you an interview. 

When applying, you'll be asked if you'd like any adjustments for the recruitment process. We’ll meet any specific needs for a disabled candidate – whether that’s through better access, different equipment or alternative formats for literature.

We work closely with a number of organisations to ensure we are disability-smart, but if we are missing a way to help to apply do let us know. 

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Bring your whole, authentic self to work

We know that people perform better and enjoy an enhanced employee experience when they feel able to bring their full selves to work.

Our Stonewall membership demonstrates our commitment to continue listening, learning, and working towards the cutting edge of practice that can help our organisation to attract and retain the best talent and stand out in a competitive market.

Everyone counts

Do you want to know what is it like working in our team?

Watch this video where George explains his experience of being part of Allianz in the UK. 

"Allianz is the home for those who are customer obsessed" - George

George demonstrates expert product knowledge and delivers exceptional
customer service championing the Allianz brand. Providing a timely, attentive, upbeat service to customers, making sure their needs are met in a manner that ensures we continually strive for customer and market excellence.


Find out more

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Learn more about our continued commitment and progress in the Allianz Group Diversity Equity and Incusion booklet.

In the booklet we describe our DEI journey, where we have come from, where we currently stand and where we are headed with our self-set targets and ambitions for the future. 

It offers insights into our inclusive workplace culture and demonstrates the importance of DEI to Allianz.

DEI plays an increasingly important role, as we observe a rising interest from our employees, customers and investors in a more holistic view of companies’ health.