Responsible employer

We think being a great company to work for means more than just engaging our employees, being inclusive
and enabling them to develop their careers.

What does it mean to be a responsible employer?

We think it also means supporting employees to be resilient both at work and in their personal lives. We want our employees to be able to come back from life’s setbacks stronger than ever and to have the courage to move forward. This also makes our business stronger.

We want our employees to be proud to work for Allianz, which makes them great brand ambassadors when serving our customers.

At Allianz, engagement is important because we understand that a strong leadership culture leads to engaged employees, contributing to better business outcomes.

Engagement is measured through the annual Group-wide Allianz Engagement Survey (AES).  The survey is an indicator for good leadership, operational performance and employee advocacy. Most importantly, the results prompt discussions and result in tangible follow-up actions every year.

We use the questions in the survey to create 3 indexes which all look at different aspects of our business, leadership and culture;

  • the Inclusive Meritocracy Index (IMIX) which measures progress towards a culture where people and performance both matter
  • the Work Well index (WWI) which allows us to analyse the root causes of work related stress and identify solutions
  • the Employee Engagement Index (EEI) which measures how engaged employees are.