Family legal expenses insurance:
needed more than ever before?

Posted: 15 February 2023

We’re all well aware of the current cost of living crisis. With the price jump in energy, food and fuel, homes across the country are carefully considering how they spend their money.

With the economic landscape so uncertain, contracts and agreements will be scrutinised. Either to avoid missing out on any income owed, or vice versa, to avoid paying out unnecessary money.

This can lead to some extremely challenging times. When individuals are giving such careful consideration to how they spend their money, the last thing they’d want to face is litigation, and the costs involved in defending a claim. Or to flip it on its head, individuals may have legitimate claims which go unresolved because they can’t afford the legal representation to pursue the legal action.

How might family Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) help?

LEI can help alleviate some of these pressures. In the event of legal action, the insurance provider would appoint a solicitor to represent the customer and cover the cost of their legal fees, up to the policy limit of indemnity.

How it works

  • Legal advice - most insurers will provide access to a free legal advice telephone helpline who’d be on hand to assist when needed. The law can be tricky to navigate, but getting expert legal assistance can leave individuals clear and confident of their rights
  • Online resources and support - often insurers will provide access to a digital resource which gives practical information, along with many legal templates. This can save both time and money, meaning a solicitor wouldn’t need to draw these up at an additional expense
  • Appointment of a solicitor - if the matter can’t be resolved informally, a solicitor can be appointed to assist
  • Costs - the costs of solicitors and any other disbursements such as medical reports will be paid by the insurer.


  • Problems at work - losing a job can be stressful, especially if it’s due to unfair dismissal or being discriminated against. If this is the case, most providers will cover the cost of legal representation at a tribunal, and costs in the event of a claim
  • Consumer dispute resolution - when spending money on goods and services, we don’t want to encounter any issues. However, if they do arise, family LEI cover would allow an individual to make a claim to recover payment under the terms of the contract.

There are many other scenarios where LEI policy may be of benefit, with a policy covering some or all of the following; personal injury; clinical negligence; employment disputes; consumer contract issues; property disputes; tax investigations

As people continue to face the squeeze, it’s understandable to try and reduce outgoings. But with litigation easily reaching thousands of pounds, LEI could be the product to carefully consider as a valuable purchase as we navigate the foreseeable future.

To learn more about family and other before the event legal expenses products, visit our Before the Event (BTE) insurance page.

Before the Event (BTE)

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